Celebrations ?

First off, I successfully passed my MA Comps. This means I only have to complete and defend my Thesis to finish.

Last week was pretty rough. Tuesday morning I came home from work coughing my throat sore. I took some medicine passed out woke only a few times for the next couple of days. I had wanted to finish up this semesters work, interview for a second job, and otherwise enjoy the week. At least I didnt get sick during a week I had to go to class.

The funeral was Saturday. David and I read before everyone. David had a touching description of how guilty he was before she died. I didnt stand a chance. I got up to read my piece – a poem I had written – spoke the words, “Let me first say this is not a funeral no matter what you have been led to belief. We have not asked you here to mourn. This is a celebration,” with tears streaking down my face. I doubt anyone could make out my garbled, voice cracking, high pitch, cold induced speech. As someone who likes to call himself a poet, it was one of my worst readings. I stood up on the podium sobbing as I read the poem hoping they could understand me. There was a moment I almost pull myself together. About 1/2 way through the poem, I took a deep breath looked down and saw both my parents crying. After that, I couldnt stop. Its a strange experience to stand in front of a mixed crowd of strangers, family and friends fighting yourself to stop crying, so you can finish reading.

Afterwards, everyone thanked David and me for reading. Some agreed with our words. Other told us of their memories.

That night back at my mother’s, I listened to stories and memories from all the family. Some I had never seen. I talked with Claudine (my aunt), Michelle(my cousin), and mother for as long as I could. These have become are reunions. The weddings and funerals. I think thats why my mother was so upset with not getting invited to Eric’s wedding. Its one of the few times she gets to see the family.
Most of the family didnt get to make it here this time. Mike and Yvette couldnt come because Mike was in Haiti working. Unfortunately Solemon, their son, misinterpreted the news about grandmother and thought Mike had died. He wouldnt leave Yvette’s side. Luckily Mike was able to come home Saturday evening. Elisabeth was in California, Terry was in Portland, and both couldnt afford to come. Unfortunately John is in Afghanistan as navigator in the Air Force. I miss all of them. I will have to find a way to visit them after I complete my Master’s.

So not much of a chance to celebrate, though I am going with some friends to see Kill Bill Thursday. I guess thats a celebration.


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