Ok, due to popular demand.

Structure Change (slight)
I have moved the listings on the side around. I am still playing with it, but it should satisfy the curious. David and Ron if you would like me to change it or add the recent discussions to your site, please post or message me.

Notification by Email
In the boards, you will find if you are logged in a link near the bottom of the page labeled “Watch this forum for posts”. If you click on the link, the board will automatically email (to the address in your profile) when a new topic or message is posted in that forum. Test it out see what you think.

MT Notification
I tried to integrate a mod for enhancing the notification system. Unfortunately, it required Movable Type 3 or higher. I cant decide to upgrade to MT3. Reasons why I havent upgraded include:
1) Cost –
the free one limits to 1 Author and 3 weblogs
for $69 – it allows 5 authors and Unlimited blogs.
for $99 – it allows unlimited blogs and unlimited authors.
2) Mods –
the integration mod we have all come to love may not work with 3.0
meaning I would have to rewrite it, which would suck.
i dont know if the photo-blog would work either.
3) Upgrade –
I would have to upgrade everything, which means the styles.
I do not think the styles sheets we have can work with the new style.

Oh well, I am still fumbling for a way to have them post immediately upon creation, but it would be easier at the moment for the authors to just view their entries after writing them. Just go to the individual entry as you would if you were reading them and it will make the post in the forums. Oh well, I will probably stop fooling around with everything till next week. I need to focus on something more important.


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0 Responses to Ok, due to popular demand.

  1. arglor says:

    What? Please tell me? what is more important then catering to your family and friend’s desires? We need better faster and more organized blogs… you are our webslave… you will do as we command… hehehe

  2. wduluoz says:

    if the fellow bloggers would contribute to a fund we could upgrade. I would work to get the new one working up to par, but I cant justify the cost all on my own, since I am already paying for the hosting fees. Wilbur

  3. horselover_fat says:

    I honestly have no problem with the status quo. Shit, I gotta go to bed. Have to get up early. I will post something soon, just haven’t had much time. Been meaning to change my avatar too, got tired of looking at that picture a few days ago. Just haven’t had time. I have to take driving test tomorrow (Ugh.). Oh, and my financial aid was approved. I should put this all in Full Disclosure, and I will, when I have time. But for now, I vote for not making any changes (especially if it means I have to spend money). Ron.