Frequently Asked Questions concerning scripts

WphpBB and WphpBB-Login

Q) The post is created in the forums, but it looks like this:

A) This is because PHPBB defaults to not allowing HTML.
To turn html on:

Go to your “Administration Panel” in PHPBB
Then to “Configuration”
Then down to “User and Forum Basic Settings”
Make sure “Allow HTML” is set to “Yes”
and then add the missing tags to the “Allowed HTML tags” list.
then submit.

Q) After activating and editing my WP templates, the home page prints out errors.
WP cant select database (PHPBB database name)
A) PHPBB must share WP’s user (in the config.php). WP and PHPBB must also be hosted on the same server. Make sure the required options are configured correctly.

Q.a) What do you mean by Redirect Name? (Not used when login integrated is selected)
A) Ok long story told in a verily short manner. I have happypoet separated into subdomains.,,,
PHPBB does not like to redirect someone outside of the PHPBB folders. To circumvent this concern of PHPBB’s, I created a symbolic link back to the WP installation. Then I use that link’s name as the Redirect Name.

Q.b) But mine are on the same domain but different folders: and
A) Well then you have it easy. Just put “..” (two periods) in the Redirect Name. This will appear before the Redirect Link and will send the user up one folder in the hierarchy.

Q) After activating the plugin, errors are printed at the top of the options or every page dealing with database selection problems: WordPress database error: [Table ‘PHPBB_DATABASE.WP_TABLE’ doesn’t exist]. What is this about?
A) This is caused by a MySQL limitation. MySQL does not differentiate between two tables (databases) if the connection information: server, username, and password, are identical. It reuses the same connection instead of creating a new one. To eliminate this problem and make MySQL create a new connection:

Add a new user to the phpBB database with administrative rights.
Then modify the config.php file in the phpBB root folder by using the new user.


Find out what the port number to the database server is.

Then modify the config.php file in the phpBB root folder by changing the server to include the port number. (localhost:3129)

Q) I keep getting logged out of phpBB. what is the problem?

A) phpBB’s cookie is probably not set up correctly. go here for more information.