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November 3, 2005

take over

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I have taken over his blog for one brief moment. I wanted to tell everyone that he is doing OK. The kids are OK. He is planning on moving into a house with Amanda and me, if I can ever get the landlord on the phone again. He is doing pretty good in school. He still works at that big ass place and they still let him count the money.

I figured it was beyond time for an update.


July 29, 2005

A Light, a Tunnel, and the End Thereof

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I take my last final tomorrow (actually in a few hours), and then my summer session will officially be over. I will then have something I haven’t encountered in a while–free time. At least for a couple of weeks. I may even be able to do some catching up with some blog entries.

Just don’t, y’know, hold your breath.

Oh, and my children will be returning from GA Sunday. I’m really pumped (even though I won’t get to have them over till the following week). And the latest I’ve heard is that the ex’s family has put off the move to Kuwait for a year. I think.



July 15, 2005


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Seeing if I can get back into this thing. (After Wilbur rearranged all the furniture).

June 30, 2005

It Appears That My Children Will Not Be Staying In Georgia Permanantly

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Although I still don’t know when they will be returning, it is almost certain that my children will not stay in Georgia.

The reason for this is that my ex-wife’s family (my ex-in-laws? ex-laws?) will not be staying in Georgia. Mostly. There’s a very good chance that they will be moving to Kuwait. Mostly.

If this happens, there’s also a very good chance that my daughter will go with them.

Just my daughter, not my son.

It sounds fucked up.

It’s not as fucked up as it sounds.

And now I have to leave for work. I’ll try to elaborate on this later, but I’m not making any promises.


Hello world!

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Conversion to WordPress is over. I hope you enjoyed the move. If you have any problems, please feel free to message me at my new email idontcare at whydoyoubotherme dot com or my new phone number 1800fuckyou. Thanks for playing, b’bye
If you care, the MT version is still alive and kicking.


June 18, 2005

My Children Are Leaving for Atlanta in a Couple of Hours

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As I write this, it is now 2:30 am. They have to be at the airport at 4:30 am for a flight that leaves at 5:50. As much as I need the sleep (I’ve been up since yestermorning), I’m staying up so I can meet them at the airport and see them off.

The thing is this:

I knew all along that they were going, but didn’t expect it to be this soon. The last I spoke to thier mother about it, she said they hadn’t set on a date or booked a flight. This was Tuesday. Tuesday.

Friday I get a call as I’m getting ready to leave for school: “The kids are leaving tomorrow”. I was (and still am) a little stunned. I thought they would be around a few more weeks and there were things I was planning on doing with them.

And the way the situation went from “I don’t know when they’re going” (Tuesday) to “They’re leaving tomorrow” (Friday) makes me think that she had already planned this and just didn’t tell me. There’s a lot of things I’m not told.

They’re supposed to be spending only a couple weeks there this summer but, again, I’m told that the date of return has not been decided upon yet. I have a feeling that it’s possible that they may stay in GA and thier mother will wind up moving there later. Not definite, but a distinct possibility. Just my guess.

I’m not opposed to the idea of my children living in GA and being raised by thier mother’s family. I just wish they were’n leaving so suddenly.



June 16, 2005

Crickets Chirping

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…that’s what I’, thinking about renaming my site. I just haven’t had time to put anything here, other than entries saying “I just haven’t had time to put anything here”.

I think I may have greatly underestimated the effort it would take for me to go to school and work full time. My “windows of oppurtunities” to get things done between work and school are few and far between. Even doing something simple like watching a DVD at home ate into some time that I really should have spent doing homework. And not to mention I’m running a serious sleep defecit.

I was planning on intentionally missing classes tomorrow, but I find out today that there will (or may) be a quiz given in one of them. Guess I’ll skip Friday.

I really gotta go to bed.

June 13, 2005

Quick Post

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Ok, so I just finished my homework for the night (or as much as I’m going to finish tonight), and I have a little bit of spare time before I have to get some sleep.

So I can either make a (proper) entry, or I can watch Donnie Brasco*. I think this is the only time I’ll be able to watch it all week so I’ll just have to do a journal entry tomorrow.

Oh, and my son’s birthday is tomorrow. He’ll be five.

Ron. (by the way Trey, that shoutbox thing is cool)

*Because Donnie Darko was stolen.

June 6, 2005

I really, really, really should post something.

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And I will soon. I’ve just been a little busy lately. And I’m extremely tired right now. And sore. I helped someone move today (started very early), then pretty much went straight to work. Now it’s after 4 am and I plan on trying getting up at 8 (there is no try) for classes (holy shit, I have class tomorrow/today). I’m in for a long couple of days and I won’t get much of a breather till Tuesday (my next day off).

So, I’ve been meaning to make an entry, and I will when I have the time.

Ron. (Guesses this counts as an entry)

May 27, 2005

Pictures I Took During The Trip To Houston

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These pictures were taken right after the concert. I wanted to take pictures during the actual concert, but the security guards were some assholes, and I didn’t think they’d let me take a camera inside. From left: Melissa, Trey, and David.

Someone should ask David where my hand was in this picture. Oh, and I’m the one on the left.

And judging by Trey’s expression, I think we can pretty well guess where Melissa’s hand is in this one.

At least all hands are accounted for here.

It seems that we are driving up a very steep mountain in this picture.

Work it, bay-bee! Work it! Love the camera as much as it loves you!

I told you the signs were confusing.

And we made it safely back to the hotel. Time for some much needed rest. Oh, and a wormhole just happened to open up behind Trey.

David decided to do a little weightlifting before going to sleep.

We had a stunning view of the interstate in all it’s vehicular glory from our balcony.

I’m not complaining though. It was a nice hotel. Here’s a picture of the atrium. We were five floors up.

It also had this faux-Japanese garden thingie, which looked real nice. Too bad you can’t see it very clearly in this picture.

The next morning, Trey challenged me to a duel to see who was quicker on the draw with thier camera…I won.

David, also the next morning, just out of the shower. I tried to catch him unaware, but he was prepared and well-equipped with all anyone ever needs: a towel.

This is us leaving the hotel. I’m trying to think of something cute to say here, but I got nothing. It’s just us leaving the hotel.

This is Reliant stadium. Home of the NFL’s newest franchise, the Houston Texans. It is one of the newest and most luxurious sporting arenas around. It was very expensive. And in our own small way, my travelling companions and I helped pay for it.

This is us arriving at the airport. It was at this point that I decided I really didn’t like airports at all. It was also at this point that I decided this would be a good time and place to throw up.

The Brothers Bennett, giants among men. And payphones.

‘Nuff Said.


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