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November 3, 2005

take over

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I have taken over his blog for one brief moment. I wanted to tell everyone that he is doing OK. The kids are OK. He is planning on moving into a house with Amanda and me, if I can ever get the landlord on the phone again. He is doing pretty good in school. He still works at that big ass place and they still let him count the money.

I figured it was beyond time for an update.


7 Responses to “take over”

  1. arglor Says:

    i had assumed the “light” was the voice of god and Ronnie was “raptured” to it…. either that or his computer was fried…

  2. snaars Says:

    Would I know this fellow?

  3. wduluoz Says:

    ahem its Ron(nie). Wilbur

  4. arglor Says:

    i think he means the landlord… i think snaars was saying “Do i know this landlord guy?”…. may be wrong

  5. snaars Says:

    Thanks Arglor. (Look at the subject line of my previous comment.) Wilbur, I had been wondering if you were moving into the house I used to live in. From talking to Arglor the other night I know the answer.

  6. wduluoz Says:

    you lived there? i didnt know that what a qwinkidink. so you know the landlord. interesting. what a small world this is. ps i need to fixed the layout so the subjects dont get confused. wilbur

  7. mealymel Says:

    definitely time. i was wondering what was up with Ron.