Full Disclosure: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the blog.
July 15, 2005


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Seeing if I can get back into this thing. (After Wilbur rearranged all the furniture).

6 Responses to “Test”

  1. wduluoz Says:

    I am not the reason you couldnt post. Wilbur (wonders if his memory is going to go at 31)

  2. horselover_fat Says:

    [quote:44b86a4f42=”WDuluoz”]I am not the reason you couldnt post. Wilbur (wonders if his memory is going to go at 31)[/quote:44b86a4f42] Shhhhhh (Don’t tell anyone).

  3. wduluoz Says:

    http://theninhotline.net/archives/articles/manager/display_article.php?id=194 Thought you would find this interesting. Wilbur

  4. horselover_fat Says:

    [quote:61f7541fc2=”WDuluoz”]http://theninhotline.net/archives/articles/manager/display_article.php?id=194 Thought you would find this interesting. Wilbur[/quote:61f7541fc2] Yeah, saw this last night on echoingthesound. Don’t you just love how none of his answers have anything to do with the songs. Favorite quote: “[i:61f7541fc2]I remember handing the whole record in with an apology, saying, ‘Thanks for the money, sorry there are no singles’. And then out of the blue it went platinum.” [/i:61f7541fc2] By the way, I got your message about the NY concert (a little late though) and I’m not sure if I’ll have the time or the money to go. I haven’t actually crunched the numbers, but I assume I won’t be able to. Instead of making a trip to NY to see NIN, I’ll probably just make a trip to NY at a later date to see David and Mary. Ron.

  5. mealymel Says:

    I think that you aren’t testing anything. I think this is an excuse just to say you’ve posted in order to avoid writing something substantial. Don’t deny it; you’re using Wilbur as a scapegoat. 😉

  6. horselover_fat Says:

    Yes and no. I’ve actually tried a few time to post new entries (half-assedly, I admit), without much luck. I’m only just now able to make new journal entries. Doesn’t mean I’ll be able to any time soon, but I can. Ron. (should maybe keep blaming Wilbur)