Full Disclosure: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the blog.
July 29, 2005

A Light, a Tunnel, and the End Thereof

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I take my last final tomorrow (actually in a few hours), and then my summer session will officially be over. I will then have something I haven’t encountered in a while–free time. At least for a couple of weeks. I may even be able to do some catching up with some blog entries.

Just don’t, y’know, hold your breath.

Oh, and my children will be returning from GA Sunday. I’m really pumped (even though I won’t get to have them over till the following week). And the latest I’ve heard is that the ex’s family has put off the move to Kuwait for a year. I think.



July 15, 2005


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Seeing if I can get back into this thing. (After Wilbur rearranged all the furniture).