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June 16, 2005

Crickets Chirping

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…that’s what I’, thinking about renaming my site. I just haven’t had time to put anything here, other than entries saying “I just haven’t had time to put anything here”.

I think I may have greatly underestimated the effort it would take for me to go to school and work full time. My “windows of oppurtunities” to get things done between work and school are few and far between. Even doing something simple like watching a DVD at home ate into some time that I really should have spent doing homework. And not to mention I’m running a serious sleep defecit.

I was planning on intentionally missing classes tomorrow, but I find out today that there will (or may) be a quiz given in one of them. Guess I’ll skip Friday.

I really gotta go to bed.

chirp chirp chirp…


3 Responses to “Crickets Chirping”

  1. wduluoz Says:

    Amanda stated she wanted to break up with me because we didnt have anything in common. I went on to explain all the things we have in common, enjoyment of video games, taste in movies, sense of humor. She then stated, “but we never do anything and you are always tired or sick”. For which, I then went into an explanation of my day. For some reason, she felt that I was goofing off or at the least wasting time. I dont think she realizes I work three jobs. I work at SLCC, work at the Hilton, and go to school. She seriously thinks I just dont want to do anything with her, so now I have to foricibly make time for her. She is correct to demand that I spend time with her, but damnit I like to relax. I guess I could get rid of the “me*” time. Wilbur (someone who trully sympathizes and empathizes with you) *The stare at the wall and sleep time.

  2. arglor Says:

    good luck finding one of course… but i think that would help out a lot… *shrug* or cut expenses.. no reason you should work so many jobs… it is insane.. i sympathyze with both of you.. hope it gets better..

  3. mealymel Says:

    I like the name of your blog. I don’t think you should change it, although I get the joke. Seriously, don’t change the name. And as for you Wilbur: do something, man. you and Amanda cannot break up. You are the one example in the world that I have of a relationship, even with all it’s problems and hardship, that actually works. You give me hope. If you guys broke up, it would be way worse for me than my parents’ divorce. You know that old saying “think of the children?” Well, I implore you: Think of Melissa.