Slowly oh so Slowly

Well its thanksgiving…
i do have much to be thankful for
but that seems lessened by events

going to his funeral tommorrow
i hope i can bear the experience
i dont know if i will be able to
but for his family, weatherly and justin
i need to

510 shakespeare final nearly ended my career but i think i survived . . . hopefully
have two 10-12 page reports to finish
one by tuesday and the other by saturday plus a comprehensive exam on saturday for skip’s engl 421

someone stop the world im getting sick

my brothers birthday is near and i cant afford to buy him anything but i hope he realizes i do love him and respect him . . . we are god’s hand . . .

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  1. weatherly says:

    hiya wilbur, i found your blog! i wanted to tell you thanks for coming to new orleans on friday. tim’s parents were amazed to see how many people from school showed up to pay their respects, and it really meant a lot to them to know that their son touched so many people. i might not be coming back to the writing center next semester, but i’m sure i’ll see you around. email me or something, yo. w.