Time Flies By

I am sitting here staring at the screen asking myself again why I bother.

Is the Master of Arts degree this important?

Do I really care about teaching at a College or University?

Well I guess I do, because I’m fucking typing away like mad.

I am doing ok. Getting enough sleep. Eating pretty regular. Completing Assignments.

My parents think I’m “on the edge” and “breaking under the stress”. They dont understand and I guess sarcasm doesnt come off very well over type.

So long for a little bit . . . weatherly hope your satiesfied . . . hopefully I wont take this long next time

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0 Responses to Time Flies By

  1. weatherly says:

    hey wilbur, dead babies rot quickly. i remembered my blogger password. i haven’t been to class all week. yeah. at least you have your bachelor’s. the closer mine gets, the less i care. sad. w.

  2. Tim says:

    what’s up hommiez? remember me? its “Simill sytch” from anarchy online. you guys still playing that game? well i see you finaly got the website up and running, nice work! i was wondering if you would ever get it up, and here it is. lately ive been playing battlefield 1942 like crazy, and im wondering if you guys are going to play star wars online? sounds like your pretty busy these days so you probally dont have a lot of time for games, anyways i gotta bounce now, so i will catch you later, peace in the middle east!