What is Wilbur Doing?

Well, I have been doing a lot.

I went to New Orleans for a wedding: more on this later.
I started digging a new water line. We have the ditch dug now just to put the water line in .
I am slowly fixing problems with my website so it will run correctly. I have integrated PHPBB and WordPress for a bit.
Working on my MA thesis.
Have put nearly every vehicle I own and dont own into the shop.
I am working on other neat things which I cannot divulge because if they dont come true I will be a tease.
Invite Melissa over before she leaves.


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0 Responses to What is Wilbur Doing?

  1. dramke says:

    cool! leave us with promise of more to come.

  2. mayfly says:

    nobody likes a tease… right, david? 😉 yay, working on thesis! 😀

  3. girlbean says:

    So does this mean you are no longer considering the extra coursework track? Hurrah thesis.

  4. mealymel says:

    you wanna add “planning to have Melissa over” to your list? I leave here in t-minus three weeks and I’d love to see you and Amanda before I do.

  5. wduluoz says:

    Its on the list . . . now. How does next Friday Night sound? Wilbur

  6. arglor says:

    you’ve been tagged by mary to write five favorite childhood memories……… so when you get a chance in your busy schedule…. jot five down if you can… if you cannot spare us the time then just pass the tag on… we will take a raincheck….

  7. mealymel says:

    [quote:4cb13a2e24=”WDuluoz”]Its on the list . . . now. How does next Friday Night sound? Wilbur[/quote:4cb13a2e24] As in this Friday, July 8th? Sounds like a good plan to me. I’ll bring you that printer if you still want it.