New York oh New York

Well my plans got changed and I wasnt able to go to New York.

Amanda started getting sick on last Monday, but thought it was due to her impending period. She had a slight fever and was weak with vertigo. She went to the doctor Thursday where he prescribed an antibiotic and a nasal spray. She tried to take the antibiotic, but due to the vertigo kept throwing it up. She was unable to keep any food or water down and became dehydrated. Unfortunately, I didnt recognize how bad it was. As I was teaching my 11:00am class, she called her mother and went to the emergency room. They hydrated her and gave her something for the vertigo. The doctor admitted her for observation. By that evening, she was eating solid foods and was feeling better, especially with the medicine for the vertigo. We spent three days in the hospital waiting for the doctor to release her. On monday, I made her call her doctor who stated he was alarmed that she was still in the hospital. He remarked that he had called the hospital and told them to release her on Sunday.

But Amanda is doing fine now, the sinus infection has died down and the vertigo and nausea have passed.

Hopefully I will get to go to New York after the semester is over.

Hope david enjoys NiN at Madison Square Garden, the bastard.


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  1. stryxdomina says:

    I am concerned about, well many things about this, but what inspired me to write was concern about amanda not being discharged on time. Insurance usually won’t pay if there is not a medical justification for being there. Hopefully the hospital will eat the cost since it was their mistake but I would watch the bills closely. They are likely to try to stick it to you if they think that they can. The other thing i was concerned about has been mostly relieved because it sounds like it was all related to a sinus infection. From the discription at first i was afraid it might have been menier’s disease. god knows if i’m spelling that even close to right. To my knowledge it’s not particularly serious but it is difficult to treat and very miserable. Sinus infections are much easier to treat. Sorry about new york. I hope that you make it soon. for that matter i hope that i make it sometime. I had and absolutely miserable weekend. should’ve just jumped on plane and figure out how to pay for it later. that’s the american way, no? by the way david you suck because i don’t get to see NIN either. I guess that’s for the best. last few concerts i went to, i hurt myself. i’m getting to fucking old for that

  2. wduluoz says:

    well when i say sinus infection, that is what amanda called it and everyone seem to agree without showing us anything to prove it. I mean one moment they are telling us the bloodwork didnt show an increase in the white blood cell count and then asking for a catscan. no one showed us what the catscan showed and no one talked to us about why we were even in there to begin with. its almost as if they didnt really no why, but you seem to be feeling better. wilbur

  3. girlbean says:

    goodness, i’m glad she’s better. being in the hospital is no good. i hope you get to come back too. i thought about you this morning while driving brandon to work. i was on an unpopulated country road that’s just like the highway out to your house.

  4. arglor says:

    I was concerned with the talk of a catscan for various reasons… primarily of course Amanda’s health and secondarily the financial burden of such an endeavor. In the end I hope what Stryx says could happen doesn’t happen. You have a friend who is a Lawyer, you should bring the information to him about a potnetial medical malpractice lawsuit (Focus on the lack of cohesive instructions, if you were told you had to stay friday night because they wanted your doctor to read the catscan results, and your doctor said that you should have been home sunday, this contradiction is grounds for some kind of recompensation.) On the other hand, i also dissappointed in your inability to join us up here, but am pleased to hear you are planning a more extended stay once school is finished. also, Michelle, you should find a way to get up here. We would love to visit with you. and finally, the NIN concert was really fantastic. We need to see if we can get tickets to another venue. p.s. of course this time we should not be in the last set of rows on the farthest side from the center 😉 I saw a right side great profile of Trent Reznor, to compliment my already garnered left side profile obtained in houston. Next concert i’m looking for mosh pit tickets.

  5. snaars says:

    I’ll just echo stryxdomina and tell you to watch those bills closely. It’s common for hospitals to overcharge, because they usually get away with it. If there’s something on the bill that seems fishy, call and talk to someone in authority. If you are assertive you can usually get the bills reduced, or even eliminated if the hospital made a mistake.