New York oh New York

Well my plans got changed and I wasnt able to go to New York.

Amanda started getting sick on last Monday, but thought it was due to her impending period. She had a slight fever and was weak with vertigo. She went to the doctor Thursday where he prescribed an antibiotic and a nasal spray. She tried to take the antibiotic, but due to the vertigo kept throwing it up. She was unable to keep any food or water down and became dehydrated. Unfortunately, I didnt recognize how bad it was. As I was teaching my 11:00am class, she called her mother and went to the emergency room. They hydrated her and gave her something for the vertigo. The doctor admitted her for observation. By that evening, she was eating solid foods and was feeling better, especially with the medicine for the vertigo. We spent three days in the hospital waiting for the doctor to release her. On monday, I made her call her doctor who stated he was alarmed that she was still in the hospital. He remarked that he had called the hospital and told them to release her on Sunday.

But Amanda is doing fine now, the sinus infection has died down and the vertigo and nausea have passed.

Hopefully I will get to go to New York after the semester is over.

Hope david enjoys NiN at Madison Square Garden, the bastard.


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