I have ceased hosting this files. I have not worked on this project since 2005 and realize I will never work on it again. WP and phpBB have progressed pass the usefulness of this plugin.  Thanks.

WPHPBB creates a seamless environment between WordPress and PHPBB. Its main goal is to substitute the comment system of WordPress with the forum system of PHPBB. This allows for all the features of PHPBB in the comments: bbcode, avatars, user profiles, and security.
Additional features include display polls, recent discussions, and login integrations.

The login system of WPHPBB now separated into its own plugin. All the benefits of integrating your login system without the need to mess with your comments.

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Below is a list of updates to the various plugins and codes. (its also my mailing list.)

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  1. wduluoz says:

    SO want to be a beta tester? want to see your life’s work go up in flames? here is wphpbb v 3.0b: download beta A few things the beta is testing. * WP post exclusions based on phpBB forum permissions(AUTH_READ). * Modulization * Refinements in code. * fixings of errors that were bad // does not include fixes of errors which were good. * More Options (whoa, more, i really need to come up with a better way to do design. Any solutions?) * and a SECRET (shhh dont tell anyone until after its out of beta);) So have fun, send me emails with errors. I want to know. thanks wilbur

  2. wduluoz says:

    Ive updated the WPHPBB-Login. Version 0.7: download now * instructions included to modify phpBB to redirect to wphpbb-login. * fixes to handle redirecting to phpBB. wilbur

  3. wduluoz says:

    Still in beta. Too many changes that need to be tested. WPHPBB v3.0.5b Thanks to Keytwo Why’s Lazyest Gallery for the inspiration. I have redone the Options Pages. I think they look nice. I also had to rename all the options, so I could split the page across two. Brave testers out there have fun. wilbur

  4. wduluoz says:

    Nearing what I believe can be a safe release of 3.0 WPHPBB v3.0.12b Lots of stuff: WphpBB-Recent: Timestamps More Options Mark New Posts WphpBB-Login: Place to add links below the form. WphpBB Polls: Quick Fix to poll bar length. -will be replaced with option to set length of max. WphpBB-Onlineuser: Mods and Admins use color from phpBB’s Users Online WphpBB: Subject of phpBB post can be modify phpBB post time now matches WP’s post time. (not the current time) fixed the permissions on Display Options Delete Options now warns & is in separate form (no more accidentally deleting all options) More fixes to Options Page Biggest thing I need to do is move all of what is left in wphpbb.php into a class. This will eliminate all together any conflicts with other plugins. wilbur

  5. wduluoz says:

    Ok Massive Changes to layout. WPHPBB v3.0.16b Lots of stuff: WphpBB: [list:382fe5b41c] do not need wphpbb::quickreply comment layout is now completely changeable numerous errors: link to phpbb now works. [/list:u:382fe5b41c] Bug testing is all thats needed now. I dont believe there is a need to wilbur

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