Where does the time fly?

“The Station of Fossil Man” by Shai

Quickly before the guards see.

I wanted to state that I have posted a Hyper-Fiction by Shai. Most of you out there dont know Shai, but I do so I posted and believe you all should read it.

Weatherly graduated yesterday. She is now a Bachelor.(My brother hates that I use that word in that precise meaning.)
She had a party yesterday, which didnt go over to well. Very few of her friends came over, and her parent’s friends did. Needless to say, Im not too happy with a lot of the people that call themselves Weatherly’s Friends. Some people better have some damn good excuses. Oh well, I hope she enjoyed the company of the ones that did show up(even though some we’re late.)

Semester is over for many, but like usual, Wilbur did not complete his work. I need to figure out a way to either quit the Hilton job, quit the Assistanceship or quit the sleeping.

I havent the time to decide on that.

Writing Writing Writing I must do.

Goodluck everyone.


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