So much … so little

So much has happened this summer, but so little was accomplished.

big news . . . I moved into a house near campus.
Now I get to sleep(no more jam sessions or wild parties beneath my bed).
and bigger yet, my brother David is now living with me. Now two of the most important people in my life get to see my shining and sometimes grumpy face every “FREAKING” day. Im thrilled, and I know by their looks and attitudes they’re thrilled also. Well at least I think they’re thrilled… hope more like … pray they never tell me the truth … But Im just being paranoid … right?

so thats what I accomplished.

Work Work Work, Sleep, Work, Work, Play, Play, Work, Work, Play, Play, Sleep, Play, Play, Work. . . get the picture.

Oh well I also tried to update the site to be cleaner and more beneficial to certain people.

I have unfortunately taken the link to Shai’s Wonderful Hyper-fiction off the front page, so until I fix that here it is. ta-DAAA

ok well the Warden, says I need to get some sleep if Im going to make it to work tonight.

I am glad they accept my shortcomings as an on time employee.

Goodday Folks(this is for the 3 that actually read this blasted thing)


PS yes I know, aggravatingly puts itself all the way over there, Im trying to fix that but need sleep. See you later.

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