One small step for Wilbur, one giant step for Wilbur-kind.

I went ahead and did it. Took one of the first steps to becoming more than a graduate student. Now my mind races in anticipation about how in the hell I will procure the funds to finance the trip.
What did I do that is so damn important?
Sent off my first abstract to a conference in Linguistics. The PALA conference in New York, NY, which sounds great on paper.
I should hear back on whether its accepted by early next week.

SO now I just sit here waiting patiently . . . .

Ok maybe not waiting or holding breath, but anticipating none the less.

Unfortunate side effect to this year is the renewal of my desire to write poetry. Unfortunate because I have no time to pursue my desire to write poetry, yet I am writing poetry anyway. When will Wilbur ever learn about priorities.

On the Thesis and Comps note, I am taking comps on March 24th. I am also suppose to finish my thesis by April 4th I believe. Both seem impossible at this moment. I want to rewind time to before I was a graduate student thinking about becoming a graduate student and slap the shit out of myself.
What the hell was I thinking? I do not have the willpower to complete this. I never did. Oh well guess we will see how they deal with a pathetic loser who cant complete a MA degree.

In other news, I am planning, allbeit tentatively, to teach English in Japan or another Asian country(or Germany if I can get my speaking ability in German up to snuff). I will provide more information on this little pipe dream as the semester progresses. If anyone has any suggestions, be sure to send an email or leave a comment.

Well Im going to work. I hate work. I hate not being able to focus all my time on school. I plan to quit this fucking job (Night Audit) at the first conceivable, opportune moment.

Nice to talk to everyone, let’s do this again soon.


PS: A friend of mine in the graduate program of Liberal Arts: English (I just love saying the Liberal Arts part) also has a blog if anyone is interested. Pretty interesting stuff and she is more faithful in updating. (

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