New York City?

Well its been an interesting few days.

I was informed that April 15th I must turn in my COMPLETED thesis. *gulp* I guess I need to get off my lazy butt and finish it.
Little under 3 weeks till comps arrive to welcome my uneducated self to disappointment. I am dreading those tests. As much as I hope it will be a small vindication that I havent wasted my time, I have been having daymares of failing completely in such a way that the faculty will refer to my exam as an example to future students as how not to waste your time at the university. I need to study some more.

I have two incompletes that are due by April 2nd. I have my MA comps due by March 24th. I have to turn in the COMPLETED thesis by April 14th. (luckily I work well under pressure, sometimes its the only time I work, hehe)
I have to rewrite a paper for the PALA conference in New York.

Oh did I mention, my abstract on William Carlos Williams poem “The Yachts” was accepted for the Poetic and Linguistics Associations annual conference, which will be held in New York.

I sit here thinking about how in the hell could one of my abstracts be accepted. Then, I realize that I have to completely rewrite the freakin paper before I present it. At which moment, my back stiffens, skin prickles, and hands numb. I sense impending doom.
I have been accepted to read my paper in front of a large amount of peers, which . . . scares the shit out of me.

Oh well till I find time to write to everyone again . . . goodbye.


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