12 days left . . .

As I try to scramble to complete everything, I think of all the times I slept or visited with friend or watched a movie with Amanda and David or did anything which did not concern itself with my degree and realize that I will always find something to postpone the inevitable.

Less than two weeks till I take my comps. Luckily I do not have to work for those weeks. This allows me to actually catch up on sleep and work.

Scary world out there. I didnt give my future much thought until I started looking for things to occupy my time after graduation. A dear friend of mine is having trouble finding a university nice enough to accept her into the Phd program. The signifigance of her inability to secure a stable future at another university put a lot of focus on my own security. She is a straight A student who has read papers at 3 large conferences and has a focus on life, while I barely keep from getting kicked out. I dont think finding a job or a Phd program will be a snap for me.

Speaking of jobs, where in the hell do I want to spend the next few years living. Upper state New York, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Wyoming, Illonois, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, or god forbid Louisiana.
I disregarding the fact that my chances of acquiring these positions are close to nada.

Im plugging away on my thesis hoping to complete at least the bulk of it before the end of this month.

David and I (and hopefully Amanda) are going to New York. Im going as I stated before to read a paper at the PALA conference at NYU. David is going to fulfill a goal of his to visit New York city.

Oh well back to writing I go.


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