Nick Berg, or why I want a vasectumy . . .

with all that is happening in Iraq, with all the video and images being presented to us, I cant help but wonder what we would have seen if the technology of our media was around during WWI?
If anyone could easily videotape anything they wanted, would the images from that war surpass what we are seeing now? would it have made a difference?
will any of these images and video actually make a difference?
sometimes I think it cant because humanity needs the extremes and that scares me.


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  1. dramke says:

    I speak from experience. It will change nothing. I grew up with the Vietnam War. Though it was going on longer than I had known. We did not study it in history at the time since I was growing up. But we watched it from my teenage years until the war was ended. Almost all my young adult life. I was given the information prior to mealtime, because we were not allowed to eat and watch tv at the same time. Therefore, it was a constant reminder to me. Through the first gulf war, it was a steady diet of the entire war via cnn. At least now with cable and satellite, people can avoid watching it. There was nothing else before. But yet the government continues to get us involved in a no-win situations and keeps repeating the same mistakes. I heard a statement, “as long as there are men, there will be war.” I do not know who made the quote, but it is quite appropriate.