Evaluations . . .

I received my evaluations last week. I had been anticipating them since the end of last year, but by the time they came around, I had completely forgotten about them. In the vain of my regular posts, I will now let them do the talking. Here are the total sum of the opinions of the ones, out of the 56, who thought it was necessary or were compelled to write a comment about my performance or the class in general:

Student A:
Question 13:
The workload for this course in relation to other course of equal credit was:
5- much heavier – “than others taking Engl 101”

Student B:
Question 12:
Compared to other instructors I have had, I rate this instructor:
1- one of the best (amoung the top 10%)
“Prepared us well for the next english and provided an interesting curriculem.”

Student C:
Question 13:
THe workload . . .
4- heavier
“Our class did much more work than other 101 classes. This is a good thing for us b/c we’re actually learning necessary lessons, while the other classes are not learning.”

Student D:
Question 16:
“Good Teacher, very fun & informative.”

Student E:
Question 16:
“He is very understanding.”

Student F:
Question 12:
Compared to other . . .
1-better than most (amoung the top 30%)
“I had alot of fun in the class.”
Question 13:
The workload . . .
3-about the same
“I always knew when a paper was due.”

Student G:
Question 16:
“Loved the class.”

Student H:
Question 16:
“I enjoyed this class.”

Student I:
Question 1:
The instructor presented material in an understandable manner . . .
“I think he did a good job.”

and lastly . . .

Student J:
Question 3:
With this instructor I felt free to ask questions and express opinions . . .
Strongly Agree
“I felt free, but sometimes I felt somewhat inferior.”
Question 16:
“God Bless You!”

10 students out of 56 decided they needed to voice their opinions. I wish more had written. It is nice to receive the feedback. There you have it not a single bit of constructive criticism that could help me next time I teach. I would have liked to get a “Great teacher, but . . . ”


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