Where’s Wilbur?

Well Wilbur is working and writing papers and getting ready to move and other mundane bullshit. So where is Wilbur planning on moving? Glad you asked. Im moving into my late grandparents home down in Bancker. Where is Bancker you might ask? Well look on the map, and I mean a really detailed map, find Abbeville, LA. Ok, Abbeville is south of Lafayette, LA and Lafayette is west of Baton Rouge. Ok you found Abbeville, now Go South, no thats perry further east, see that little tiny freakin dot which should be more of a ghost blur well thats Bancker, smack in the middle of swamp land.

The house is a nice house, but hasnt been lived in for at least 5 years. Luckily Mother cleaned it when Grandmother moved out, but then that was awhile ago. It needs work. Not as much as say Aunt Benny’s house, but thats not saying much.

We have to move out of this house by the 30th, and we plan on making the move around the 26th. It should be fun.

Unfotunately, this means I will no longer be living with David, and though we have had rough times, I enjoyed living with him immensely.
David has moved in with Mary for the small amount of time she has left in Baton Rouge. During this time, he will also be working every other week for MI Drilling. This means that I will probably not see David for the rest of the summer (doh forgot I will be spending a week with him in New York City, hehe). He is planning on moving into the Dorms during his last year of school, so he can save money to go see Mary in New York.
I hope him the best.

I have so much work to do and very little will power to do it.

I dont want to work at the Hilton anymore. Ive become weary of its politics. I want to teach.

I am scared about going to Japan or anywhere else. All these countries need is another fat american running around.

I am going to try my best to get in some sort of shape this summer and learn a little japanese and finish writing my thesis and my conference paper and my incomplete and sleep.

Amanda is doing well, though she has hesitations about moving somewhere where the bugs greet you in the morning and the drive is longer than your lunch break.

I hope everyone is doing ok.

Good Luck Michelle your going to need it.
We all will.

Well goodnight for now, I think i will go pretend to get some sleep.


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0 Responses to Where’s Wilbur?

  1. dramke says:

    One thing for sure. You will not have anything else you can do except sleep and work on your thesis and whatever else you have to write. Being at the end of the world does have some advantages.

  2. Weatherly says:

    I got a new pair of glasses in Abbeville yesterday. As I was driving, I thought about your post and how when I was little I thought Abbeville was the end of the line. 167/Johnston dead ends and then you turn left to go to Black’s and the big church, and that was it, nothing else either way in my mind.

  3. Arglor says:

    Round is a sort of shape eh? i mean it at least an adjective to describe a circle, which in turn is a shape. I mean you say you want to get in some sort of shape, you are in some sort of shape. Circular! ha HA!. ok enough of that.. yeah… good luck with bancker.. woot.. thats a big job..