Hairspray, Times Square, and Street Fairs

I woke up early Sunday morning to the honking of cars rushing by the inn. I took a quick shower (in the dark) and went downstairs to Nanna’s Treats, a little breakfast nook below the inn. After David woke, we made preparations to find the Theatre, where Hairspray was playing. Clai gave us his ticket to the show before we left. David wanted to sell the tickets, but I was worried about causing trouble and really didnt relish the idea of seeing a New York Police Station. First we tried to find a place to eat. We walked down to a Wendey’s David had found on Broadway near NYU. He picked up a subway map, and we plotted how we would get over to the Theatre. After eating, we walked to the subway entrance. The entire time since I had arrived in New York I was frantic with worry that we would be victims of some horrible crime. I knew we looked like tourists walking around without a clue of what could happen to us. Compound this fear with my fear of death by mechanical means kept me shaking the entire journey from Beeder street to 34th ave. We emerged from the subways to a bustling 34th ave. The street was manic with people. We started walking east and stumbled across a large street fair. (We realized later that all of Manhattan had had street fairs along various stretches of the roads throughout.) It was strange to be walking amoungst the booths with Skyscrappers as the backdrop. David picked up something for Mary, and I found a belt to replace the one I forgot to bring. After enjoying the fair, we starting looking for the Theatre again, only to realize we were on the wrong side (it was on West and we were on East.) Finally we found the location, but we had an 1hr to kill, so we walked a few blocks to find Times Square.
How to describe Time Square? Overstimulation does not do it justice. Times Square is Manhattan on Speed and Ectasy. People everywhere, Flashing, Pulsing Signs everywhere, car horns, singers, carribean bands, subway trains all the sounds converging on one single triangle. Its the closest to chaos I have witness.
Hairspray was quite exciting. The cast was marvelous. I even believe David enjoyed it until he realized I knew, then he denounced the show numerous times.

more to come . . .

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