Sometimes You need to take a break . . .

I want to appologize for the interruption in the storytelling of my New York
adventure. I received a strange call Wednesday afternoon. “Hello, my name is XXXX XXXX with the XXXX XXXX College. What were we talking about in our previous conversation?”

Now many wouldnt find that strange, but I had never talked to the person in
my life and didnt know who he was or why he was calling. Yet never say that
Wilbur cannot hear oppurtunity knocking at his door. I said,”Goodday, I am
Wilbur, a graduate student at the ULL. I am currently looking into
employment with your school for the Fall semester.”

“I need you to teach a class Tues and Thursdays 8-9:15.”

“No problem”

“Meet me in Lafayette tomorrow at 3:30pm with your stuff.”

“What stuff?”

“Resume and other stuff, Im in office 214.”

“Sounds good, Ill meet you there.”

Two hours later.

“Hello, this is XXXX XXXX. Could you teach two 1020 courses?”

“What time and where?”

“Lafayette – MWF 8-9 and Franklin – M 6-9”

“How far is Franklin from Lafayette?”

“About an hour’s drive.”


“Ok, see you tomorrow.”

3:30pm in his office in lafayette (I love the internet.)
(Im dress in a business suit, with jacket and tie.)
XXXX, “Ok, do to some problems we had last semester, we have established
new rules:
1.) No drinking on the job.
2.) Do not date your students.
3.) Do not discuss politics or religion in your classroom.
4.) Return any paper back to the student before the end of the semester.
5.) You must promise to complete the school semester.”


“Here is your books for the classes 91 and 1020. The syllabus will be posted
on Monday.”



“Ok, one question if I may”

“Yes how can I help you”

“What am I being paid?”

“Oh since your have a Masters degree and you are completing your Phd.”

“I am completing my Master’s degree.”

“Oh shit, you cant teach those two 1020 classes. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Phone call Friday morning.

“Hello, this is XXXX XXXX. Could you teach two 92 classes?”

“Where and what time?”

“Lafayette – MWF 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm”

“No, sorry, I wouldnt be available for that time.”

“How about Monday 6pm-9pm?”


“Also, how about Tuesday and Thursday 11:00am – 12:15pm?”

“Shouldnt be a problem.”

“Good to hear. Goodluck Monday.”

“Wait, am I using the same book as 91?”

“No it is not.”

“hmm, what time do you come in on Monday?”

“8:00 am”

“Ok, Ill see you then to pick up the book.”

“Ok, see you Monday.”

Monday Morning 1 hour ago.

“Good to see you. Oh by the way I need to get your resume and transcripts.”

“Certainly but I dont have them with me.”

“No problem bring them as soon as you can. You wanted the book for the 92
class correct.”

“Yes, sir.”

“hmm, I dont remember where I have one. Ill get you one later.”

. . . .

and so it continues.

I am teaching again.


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  1. Weatherly says:

    Holy Crap! Email me! I taught my first class today. See my journal for how I feel about Discourse Analysis.