The rivers are overflowing and the water keeps falling

Someone needs to have a small talk with me about my “good” intentions.

A little voice begging for attention said,”Wilbur, we are not too busy this semester. We should take classes and teach.” A hopeful voice said,”Maybe we can teach enough classes to quit our hated Night Job.” “Yeah” cried out the voices. I lied to myself stating it wouldnt be much work. I am not taking any classes this semester. I made calls which led to classes. I made promises and appearances.
So here I am teaching 3 remedial courses. Two in Lafayette and one in New Iberia. Joyful about teaching and actually having more money than I need, I began to plan out my semester. Then a wise old woman realizing that the Lafayette office forgets about important aspects of the job stopped me and explained how the adjuncts were “handled.”

I never imagined that adjuncts were in high regard or the employers were thankful for the skills that they bring and the important roles they fill. No I am not naive enough to believe that I am anything but a name to fill a slot on a piece of paper, so they can open more classes and allow more students to pay them large sums of money.
Yet, I was stupid enough to believe that I would be paid in a reasonable amount of time to help pay for the expenses incurred in staying alive and making appearances before my students.
I was wrong.

“reasonable” to them is that I work for two months without pay until they are satiesfied I am not going to run away with their large sums of money. Students are required to pay for courses before the beginning of the semester. Students pay $256 per 3 hour course per semester. Which means, they have collected for my three classes $11,008 (43 students total) before the semester started. They plan to pay me $1500 per class (total of $4500). They also plan to only pay me twice in the semester. Yes twice. Once in October about 1/2 through the semester and a second time after the end of the semester. Now I realize they are worried that an Adjunct, which is given little incentive to be loyal to a school, may if paid upfront take the money and run, but how do they expect me to survive till the end of October without pay?
So now here I am, a week into the semester, considering telling them to go fuck themselves. I shouldnt have promised to teach these classes with my thesis looming. I should have asked more questions and not allowed dodging.

I cant afford to teach for two months with delayed pay. Its that simple.

And if the fucking director gets a free moment to discuss this with me, then maybe he will have a solution, but I doubt it. He doesnt have time to answer his emails. Why do I think he would have time to create a solution to my problem, which is ultimately his.


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