New York, New York . . .

Thursday, Clai and I met at 2:30 pm to present our papers to each other. Both of us needed serious work, though Clai could have finished his if he had not got distracted by a curious problem with the use of BECAUSE. Both of us are anxious about presenting. He is worried his wife will be upset, because he will do what he always does, finish it at the las minute while being grumpy. I am worried I will not get it completed in time to present and then stumble over myself as I try to present my ideas.

Friday, I ran around town completing last minute errands before the trip. I needed shoes, a hair cut, money, and toiletries. David had invited the entire family over to his new apartment for dinner (crawfish etoufee). It was interesting to see Mary trying to please my parents as my Father became more relaxed around her, meaning his humour turned to depravity. So after supper, I went home and tried to finish packing. I decided to check my email to find Clai had written to say he had broken his ankle, while playing and wouldnt be able to attend the conference. 2 am in the morning I was still packing when I realized I was suppose to wake up in 2 hours. A quick nap, then back to packing. I had to run over to my parents house to get a hanging clothes bag and return to finish.

I finally arrived at my parents house at 6:00 am ( I was suppose to be there at 5:30am). David and I loaded up Dad’s truck. We (Dad, Mother, David and me) drove to Kenner to the Int’l Airport, where David and I thanked our parents for giving us a ride and said our goodbyes.
At 8:45am, David and I tried to do the curb checkin, but the guard said there was a problem with our tickets. We went inside to find out that we had been rebooked for a 9:10 am flight and that we were late. The ticket agent took our bags and told us to run to the gate. I took off with David behind me and ran to the security check point. I had to remove me shoes and my labtop from my bags to get access to the gates. After walking successfully through the metal detector, I quickly put my shoes on without lacing them, threw my labtop into my bag and started running. We got to the gate gave them our tickets and boarded the plane. Interesingly enough, David noted that an older couple who we had ran past on the way to the plane, had enough time to walk slowly to the plane and board. Strange that we were told to run.

Unfortunately David and I could not sit next to each other. Luckily he was able to sit next to a window, since this was his first flight. We arrived in Atlanta around 10:30am and our next flight was scheduled for 12:30pm. We ate lunch and decided to watch an episode of SFU. After watching the episode, I went to get something to drink, so I could take some excedrin. I returned to find David packing up all of my equipment. We were going to watch another episode, since we had the time, so I was curious as to why he was packing everything up. He showed me the actual time on his phone which indicated we had ten minutes to make it on to the plane. Luckily we didnt need to go through security and we were close to the plane.
We boarded the plane. This time we were able to sit next to each other and I decided to get us some headphones, so we could listen to the “Friends” episode we could only watch last time. As we got closer, I became restless with anticipation. Then it was time for the initial descend.

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