LETS GET READY TO . . . recount!!!

So the madness begins.

Voters began the dreary process of picking a leader out of the many contradicting choices with lots of supporters to help them: challengers, lawyers, and media. I would pray that everything would go smoothly, no one would be denied the right to vote, and the results would be available by the end of tonight with a clear victory of one candidate over another, but I am too cynical to believe in a god or charitable good-willed people.

This will be a nasty election that will fill many with hate and disgust. The outcome will not satisfy a majority of the population. People will feel as though they have been robbed of their vote. It will be a long, long time before we know who is actually the president as people become weary and distrustful.

I would hope that Americans would become wise enough to realize what war actually accomplishes, not a fucking thing. Though when asked who was responsible for the towers being hit with airplanes, over 60% of Americans believe Saddam Hussein was involved (and over 70% of Americans believe angels are real). War causes war. END OF THE FUCKING DISCUSSION*.

*(If you believe differently look up any war and see the reasons for the start of the war, I would bet almost anything that all wars are created by some remnant of a previous war.)

I will repeat my belief that I think that 1% of the world’s population are “knowers,” people who actually have true knowledge; 5% are “seekers,” people who are looking for true knowledge; and 94% are “sheep,” people who are ignorant of their stupidity. Now I am not saying that the “sheep” should be slaughtered because I belief they are the only ones who can pretend to be happy and satisfied with their mundane lives (work, tv, rest, work, tv, rest).

So be it, if the “sheep” are happy with just grazing and being used, then so be it. All I ask is that you get out of my fucking way.

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