God Bless America?

We, united as Americans, went to the polls this weekend and peacefully decided who will lead this nation. Given the furor and emotion behind such a transition, I am amazed when the process works as well as it does. The election is plagued with problems and inaccuracies, but at least we know the American people have spoken. Record numbers of youth voters were registered, and record numbers of voters came out on rainy, snowy days and waited in long lines to force antique machines into obeying our selections. Overwhelmingly Americans voiced their opinions. So why do I feel so depressed and angry?

I am depressed, because I now have proof that Americans are stupid.
I will refer you to David’s Blog.
I now direct my attention to everyone in the red states who voted for Bush and especially the ones who voted also for the ban on gay marriage.
steps on soapbox
Abortion and Gay Marriage outrank WAR. What the fucking hell is wrong with you people? When did you forget what your leader, Jesus Christ, told you? LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. When did you become so obsessed with other people’s lives that you feel it is necessary to pass laws to control them. Are you scared that a group of hedonistic sinners may become less hedonistic and actually might prefer monogamy? Are you scared that poor, single women, black and white, might need to make decisions for themselves without old, white men telling them what is moral? Damn your god. Are you really that fucking scared of change? Are you the same ones who believed Amendment 14 went too far?

I have seen and talked to real christians who show compassion and concern for fellow man’s sufferings, not their sins. You are nothing like them. They give of themselves to help their neighbors, no matter their religious affiliation, and do not judge them. You feel its your duty to restrict their rights.

I realize I will offend a large population of people. I dont care. You make this atheist wish for a god to laugh at you when you are begging for entrance into your heaven. Your arrogance and disregard for others angers me. /soapbox

“one step closer to the end of the world. the one-two combo
of corporate greed and organized religion apparently proved to be
too much for reason, sanity and compassion.

it’s a sad and shameful day to be an american.” trent reznor

“I’m afraid of Americans.” David Bowie

“The US is a very free country, perhaps uniquely so. It is also, to an unusual extent, dominated by a highly class conscious business sector, so much so that America’s leading social philosopher, John Dewey, described politics as “the shadow cast by business over society.” That is not much of an exaggeration. On the eve of the year 2000 presidential elections, a large majority of the population dismissed it as unrelated to their interests and concerns, regarding it as a game played by wealthy contributors and the Public Relations industry, which trains candidates to focus on “values” and “personal qualities,” and to keep away from issues.” Noam Chomsky

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