Sleeping at night is cool…

WHOO HOO Im normal again. Working evenings and sleeping during the night. I love it.

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0 Responses to Sleeping at night is cool…

  1. dramke says:

    I am glad you are normal again….are you sure??? Let me know how it is at the end of the week to be back in the real world.

  2. mealymel says:

    Huh? What happened? Did you quit the hell job? Get a different position? Do tell. Or should I wait to get the whole scoop when I’m at your house eating lasanga this Friday night?

  3. girlbean says:

    Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games. Sorry. I suppose I will find out like Melissa on Friday. We’re still invited even though we’re leaf eaters, right?

  4. bradimusprime says:

    That’s great you can sleep at night now, like the rest of us… (btw, its Brad).

  5. wduluoz says:

    we accept all kinds at ramke hollow

  6. arglor says:

    one would think you had nothing to say… or one would think you keep quiet because you abide by the saying, “he who is silent lets the world think of his ignorance, he who speaks prove the world’s thoughts accurate” all the same is it really good for a blog? cataloging nothing i mean…

  7. dramke says:

    I would love to hear what you replied to Arglor’s opinion. Or do I???

  8. wduluoz says:

    As a reply to Arglor’s “witty” and “cunning” little display of cliche and folk logic, I apologize for not filling my blog with inane commentaries about my daily adventures. Maybe it is because I spend so much time working, teaching, grading, and sleeping. Maybe I have little to say compared to your spew of quick comments. Maybe I lead an exceedingly more boring life than you and realize that people will not be interested in my every little quip.

  9. arglor says:

    wow that freaking hurt….. folk logic? cliche? Spew of quick comments? prejudicial language… my god… i touched a nerve… you never write a blog for other people… at least i never do.. it is to log my life as it occurs…not to mention it is also a log of ideas and potential arguments so i can flesh out complex thought threads… and maybe one day i can look back and say wow i did that back then?

  10. mealymel says:

    I agree with David. You should write more… even though I know you are insanely busy. We just say you should log more because we love you. (and some of us find your life highly entertaining) Mel