I have been grading two sets of papers for each class, while I sneezed, coughed, and swallowed. Some of my students need to take this class again. Should I let a student pass who has definitely failed 91 (the first remedial) because 92 will be a repeat of the material?

I blame my incompetence. I do not have the experience to know how to motivate my students, to push them to learn, or to bitch slap them enough for the information to sink in. I do not have the little easy to understand practices that tie together with all we do and they can build on until they are competent. My book is a garbled collection of bullshit which hold no firm grip on coherence. Jumping from spelling to parts of speech to word choice to sentence structure. It is maddening.

I am trying to learn and adapt. I wish my students were also.


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