What’s a facetious passivist to do?

48% of America has been seriously contemplating the future.
– What the hell happened?
– What is my responsibility as a motivated individual?
– How can we as intelligent and rational individuals take back control of America?
– Should we try?
– What is up with the Democratic party?
– Why are rural voters voting alongside CEO’s?
– When did war become an afterthought?

These are not only personal questions but questions America should be asking itself. However, I am not the one to start conseling America on its inability to socialize with others. I do, however, need to have a serious discussion with myself (and immediate loved ones).

Activism, Escape, or Apathy?

I see only three courses of action in regards to the current information about the sanity of America and its inhabitants.

Activism – dive into politics headfirst. get involved with or create a political party motivated with changing the minds of rural America. sacrafice career goals and desires to fight for the greater good of America.
– get to meet interesting people
– have focus and new life goals
– strive to make meaningful changes to the voting system and elections

– long road ahead
– loved ones may not remain loved ones
– may be threathened and punished for beliefs by government and extremist
– sacrafice desires to study Linguistics and complete Phd, travel, teach
– will be an extremist
– chance of losing everything

Escape – escape, run away to some america hating culture and try to blend in, give up, realize that america is in decline and find a new country to belong to, escape from the barbarians
– explore new countries and cultures
– expand my horizons and become a world travel
– grass is always greener syndrome
– have moved away from likely target of further conflict and unrest
– learn a new language or many
– stop being a fat american and become a healthy -insert nationality here-
– poverty
– lonliness, since most of loved ones will probably not come with me (Amanda may though)
– american hating cultures tend to ignore that you ran away from america because you didnt agree with america
– loss of citizenship

Apathy – or the faking thereof, hiding my true feelings beneath a veil of love and devout patriotism
– can continue to pursue goals
– like and maybe even admired by “heathens”
– easy access to american culture (doubtful if pro)
– not poor (or at least not wearing a loin clothe poor)
– family nearby
– not outlet for animosity
– have to attend church to keep up forcade
– feel with hatred until I snapped and slaughter many of the “sheep”
– resentment towards myself and others around me

so here are some of the thoughts running through my head.
as I help Amanda study for the GRE, grade papers, checkin people . . .

It is nearing time for a decision. Hopefully I can stall for a little while longer.


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0 Responses to What’s a facetious passivist to do?

  1. dramke says:

    This may sound strange coming from me…..When you find out what to do…let me know. The same feelings are going through my mind as well. There has to be some solution within, because I can not go to another country financially. Though this is the one I would love to do!

  2. mayfly says:

    My personal preference–if I had no ties here–would be to move away and be a writer/activist from afar. Teach English. Be a typical expatriate. Keep my mouth shut until I’m somewhere else where it’s safe to speak. What can I say? I fear death. I’m not that brave. Unfortunately David’s interest in Canada was fleeting. But if he gets drafted, I’m kidnapping him… 😐 Hey. Whatever happened to the idea of a personal responsibility to disobey laws you believe are immoral? And I’m not just saying that because I wouldn’t want him to go off to war… Anyway, of more immediate concern, I think the more realistic solution for those who must stay here (a group which due to materialistic concerns like stuff and cats and school and physical location of loved ones probably includes myself) is to start fighting hard for change now and especially the next time around. Get involved with changing the Democratic party. I also think we need to be careful and activist, like Michelle was saying Friday night, at the local level.

  3. arglor says:

    A more moderate activist. Give up your dreams of studying linguistics? Not neccessary to be active in changing our political climate. In fact the more you get yourself known by your linguistics study the farther your political views travel, just look at Noam Chomsky. He is very well respected in the field of Linguistics and he now issues arguments and holds speeches against our current government. I see activism as the only route. The first assumes other countries are better run and that you can successfully get away from americanism. I’m not sure either of those premises are true. If america is turning into an empire, then they will soon take control of any country we run to. The last is absurd, because it would require not being honest to yourself. That is an impossible request for me.