smashed into a wall and the engine keeps screaming

two weeks left of school . . .
another semester down the drain
empty bottles littered with promises
memories hide behind holiday facades
every year more become lost
i enjoyed the cold in my youth
bitter brittle against my red nose
cutting wind through jean jacket
now it lets me remember
i despise this time of year

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0 Responses to smashed into a wall and the engine keeps screaming

  1. arglor says:

    that brings back memories… standing outside waiting for the bus with the pin pricks on my cheeks as the cold air bites down hard

  2. dramke says:

    Don’t like it either. Satelite went out. We are without internet at home. Contact me at

  3. mayfly says:

    you guys don’t know what real cold is! 😉

  4. arglor says:

    uh oh… you are supposed to be in class… someone’s in trouble… *giggle* class skipper.

  5. dramke says:

    Okay, so we are just a bunch of wimps!!

  6. mayfly says:

    as a matter of fact, i let class out early due to low attendance due to research papers being due. wow, that’s a lot of dues. anyway, i didn’t skip! 😛

  7. mealymel says:

    I hate this time of year, too. I’d ask how you are, but then I’m thinking this post might be a clue.

  8. arglor says:

    the recepe for vegetarian lasagna… i would love to try that out… it sounds strange.. but i’m used to meat so anything vegetarian is strange..

  9. mayfly says:

    who is the one with the recipe for vegetarian lasagna? trey or melissa? whoever it is… *raises hands above head to catch your attention* *waves them around hollering incoherently like a sim* send it to me! me! me! thanks!!!!! 😀

  10. wduluoz says:

    I dont know whether I should be grateful or upset.

  11. girlbean says:

    Did that all start because i said you made good veggie lasagna in my journal? Wow. I actually like the cold. I’m a wee bitty person and getting bundled up makes me feel adult-sized. But I hope your end-of-semester madness works itself out. I am trudging through Clai’s paper.

  12. arglor says:

    Mary and i had a debate on the merits of vegetarianism that went straight through thanksgiving, even being brought up during thanksgiving… then Trey had told me he made a vegetarian lasagnia… finally i was talking to Mary about considering a more veggie centered diet… then concluded that i wanted to taste his veggie concoction but i’d hate for him to waste the money in creating a dish i might not enjoy, so i asked for the recipe for Mary.