Twenty-four years ago today.

Oh I could go on about how special and wonderful he is, but that would only inflate his already expanding ego.

I have been told I was jealous of him when my brother first came into my life.
Maybe I was, I cannot remember. I dont remember much of my life before him.
Years of playing in the woods, chasing each other in the yard, making and changing the rules of the games as we went along (and arguing over the changes). I would like to say I never meant to hurt him. At times, I have wanted to. For this I ask his forgiveness. Your older brother is not as stable emotionally as you present. I am sorry I pushed you over while you were sitting in the yellow chair in the living room. I am sorry I kicked the soccer ball under you because I didnt want you to win the race. I am sorry I yelled at you and cursed you, so many times I cannot remember them all. I am sorry I stopped playing with you because you wouldnt accept my changing rules. I am sorry I made you stop writing poetry because you thought I would become jealous of you. I am sorry you worry about my feeling when you are making decisions about your life. I am sorry you had to be the secure responsible brother while I procrastinated, leeched, and conned my way through life. I am sorry you had to eat sandwiches while dad and I ate steaks.

Realize I am proud of you and consider you one of the most important people in my life (which is a short list).

and hope I can see you fulfill your dreams.

a grateful brother

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