Wilbur, you have a little twitch in your right eye . . .

I love the end of the semester. It is a time to reflect on the knowledge that my students have gained new insights into English and have mastered the language and art of writing. Or its just another example that some of my students dont really try.

Lets take a look at one of my students, whom I had such good hopes for.

“Showing the similarities and differences should be known by students when dealing with high school and college because high school students must know the differences and similarities between high school and college to prepare themselves for what is to come in life if these students want to become successful. Education is important when dealing with life. The similarities and differences of education in high school and college could result to being very different and very similar. Attendance is a big key to having great success in life. In high school and college the comparisons and differences will show how important attendance can be in these educational stages. Cost in high school and college does not hold great similarities, but the differences are great. Education, attendance, and cost have many similarities and differences in high school and college.”
my god. I asked the student how could this happen. His answer was “something went wrong with the computer.” This leads me to ponder. Hmm I am a linguist, sort of. I know computers, more than sort of. Clai and I have discussed this question often. Could we create a program that mimicked language?
With examples like the one above, I am pretty sure we could. I mean seriously. How many times can one repeat differences and similarities?

So then a wonderful idea came to mind. Let get rid of the students. Teachers can ask a program for 25-50 papers of varying lengths and of varying quality where they will grade them for a paycheck. It seems perfect to me. Cut out the middle man.

just something I was pondering while I read more of the adventures of similarities and differences between two uniquely similar and different things.

they will be reading plato next time.


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