And they’re off!

Classes began yesterday. I am only teaching two classes this semester. I plan to follow the book as closely as possible, reduce my outside activities, and complete my thesis.

Hopefully it will go smoothly.


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0 Responses to And they’re off!

  1. girlbean says:

    Finish thesis, finish thesis, woo woo woo! Graduate with Weatherly, you know you want to! /stupidity

  2. dramke says:

    I agree, and graduate with David too. Don’t let the teaching get in the way. (Try not to.)

  3. mayfly says:

    and just think… you will never again have to field questions at a rate of 9 qpm (questions per minute) from the hyperactive son of a UL magistrate… you have my sincerest empathy regarding that, btw… between him and watching your lecture being translated into hand-squeezes, your first day of class must have been quite surreal (nevermind how amusing a story it made for the rest of us!) so. graduate, you must! * * * “you can do it!” – bizarre recurring adam sandler character who appears in at least 3 different movies, including deuce bigolow, male gigolo

  4. mealymel says:

    You will finish your thesis. I will get into groovy phd program. It will be a good year. You’d better invite me over sometime,though. Phil said he’d make an appearance, as well (if you can believe it).