I dont believe in God . . . So I cannot be saved!!

Man do I have a fucking headache. I hate teaching class with a headache.

Clai says “You know you dont have to do the thesis. You could take a class or two and finish up. I would vouch for any class you wanted even outside of the department.”

Intriguing. But I feel as though I would be giving up and failing.

I listen to my fellow inmates, Shai and Girlbean, complain about teaching students and I wonder whats wrong with me. Why do I enjoy teaching? Even with a headache. I actually had fun today teaching


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  1. mayfly says:

    I always enjoy teaching too, except when I am going on very little sleep or for some other reason am unable to give a very good performance (you know, you lose your train of thought in the middle of a speech about something very, very important, and your face goes blank, and you have to look down at the ground with your face all crinkled up as you try to remember, dry erase marker or piece of chalk in hand)… Doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, no, I don’t enjoy teaching. I hate feeling like a flake. But when I’m not having a really off day, I always like it. Especially this semester, because I’m so much more comfortable. This semester is going well. I, and my students, are having fun. Why wouldn’t you enjoy teaching college English, anyway? It’s a great job. True flex hours, talking about what you love for hours, grading at home in your PJs. I wouldn’t want to do anything else at this point… Except write. That would be cool. But you know, at this point, it doesn’t pay rent.

  2. girlbean says:

    You have to understand that I have a real problem talking and sounding coherent in front of people and that makes me nervous. That is the source of my greatest dissatisfaction with teaching–I very often sound like an idiot. Other people I know (Brandon, Connor, Melissa) who are not as socially inept as me do not experience this and love teaching despite the assholes. Just a thought.

  3. mealymel says:

    I can’t really explain it, no matter how hard I try. I just happen to love teaching. It’s my one contribution to society… even if I open the eyes of only one student, at least I feel like that’s one more intelligent, critically-minded individual in the world. And that’s all I can say about it. It does suck, though, to teach with a headache. ps… now that i’ve read this, i figured out why you’d be taking the two classes this summer, so nix my question about it in the email i sent you. duh. should’ve just come here.