We have gone beyond any sense of rational thought.

“Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Chairman Mike Enzi sent a letter to Schiavo and husband Michael, her legal guardian, asking them to appear at a March 28 hearing to “review health-care policies and practices.”

Federal criminal law protects witnesses who have been called to appear before Congressional committees from anyone “who may obstruct or impede” their testimony, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a Tennessee Republican, said in a statement posted on his Web site.”


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  1. snaars says:

    Unbelievable. I mean, what do they think they’re proving? That we can prolong hell on earth? They might think they’re doing the will of their god but to me it looks like they’re playing god. The worst part is that it is all wrapped up in politics and lengths to which they will go to get political power.

  2. mayfly says:

    Yeah, the idea of subpoenaing her is ludicrous. Hello? She’s in a permanent vegetative state? Vegetative. You know, the adjective deriving from the word “vegetable”?????!!! The other thing is that her husband has nothing to gain from pulling the tube. I mean, he can obviously get a divorce. And having your wife in a permanent vegetative state, I think, would be pretty good grounds for an anulment, so even if he is Catholic like Terry then that shouldn’t be an issue. It sounds to me like he honestly believes that this is what she would’ve wanted. I mean, twice he’s been offered money to keep her alive, but he’s turned it down because he says she told him she wouldn’t want to live like this. Once someone offered him like 9 million dollars. And I’m sure he’s got [b:67324c436d]serious[/b:67324c436d] problems with medical bills. So I don’t see why everyone is vilifying the poor man. It doesn’t make any sense. I can’t find any possible motive for self-interest. Can you?