Slowly getting over cold, the snakes are attacking

Well I am starting to feel better. I have energy again. I hate being sick. It makes me feel old. Aching, sore, snot dribbling out of my nose, throat filled with mucus. Lovely.

Amanda came home today to a bee attack. After she slammed the door yelling about bees, she informed me that a snake was hanging on the screendoor. I decided to go take a look and sure enough a smallish only 8-10 inch long snake had curled crawled up to the handle and was enjoying the view. I got a poker and a longish stick and attempted to take it off as I noticed it was shaking its tail as though to shake a rattle. It didnt have a rattle so I laughed at it saying “oh trying to frighten me by pretending to be a rattler” Well I got it pissed and finally with much effort flattened it head into the pavement. Proud that I had killed it. I got the remainder of Amanda’s belongings and went inside.
I was curious as to what type of snake I had just vanquished. I looked through the pictures of a non-venomous snakes. I thought damn its not in there, so I looked through the dangerous ones thinking that it couldnt have been one of those because it was too small. Well I was wrong. In fact it was not pretending to be a rattler, it was a rattler, a Pygmy Rattler. Needless to say, I have now bought more mothballs in an attempt to stink them away. I hope he didnt have any family in the area.


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0 Responses to Slowly getting over cold, the snakes are attacking

  1. mealymel says:

    I’m sorry but for some reason, imagining the scene as you describe it has me in stiches. I can’t stop laughing.

  2. mayfly says:

    Not me. I’m not in stitches. I’m scared to come to your house!!!! Upside of NYC: no poisonous snakes. The downside: no wildlife whatsoever (unless you count the roaming plastic bags that creep across the street suspiciously like animals…)

  3. wduluoz says:

    Then what the hell do you call those rats with the foot long bodies. Give me a snake any day.