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My point which I didnt get to because I was too agravated with work and being sick is this. Quizzes and surveys are set up to be biased from the beginning. What is sad is when the quizzes are portrayed as categorization tools for people. I trully feel people take these tests get the results and think, Sure I think I am a Facist. What is a facist, democrat or anarchist? Names we apply to people and groups to define them. We assume that the definition is rigid and that we should fit as well as possible the category to be accepted by someone. Politics and life are changing and evolving (hopfully). Your views should change and should not be stedfast.

Unfortunately, we(the ones who read my posts) do not take these surveys as being serious and we do make fun of them, but there are people out there that feel the need to categorize themselves. This allows them become a part of a larger(“grander”) scheme of things. If the last election should have taught us anything, it should be that people want to be part of a movement for good or bad. People became highly divided by the “slight” differences in the two parties.

I had a class pointing out the differences and similarities between the two candidates. Guess what we came up with more similarities. Unfortunately for me, it proved to them that it was as fruitless endeaver to pick one who was better than the other.

Damnit I want discussion and argument. I want people to care about what is happening around them. I want them to question the leaders that they now adore and accept. Neither dominant party is acceptable in my eyes any more. They should be eliminated.


PS — to the Senators and Congressmen who are right now stepping boadly into a private matter to prove how big their penises are “FUCK YOU”. I swear I will do anything in my feeble power to make sure everyone I know and meet knows who you are and what you think of their private lives. You have crossed the line into an area you do not understand and are only hoping to get your name into the spotlight. Well I hope to whatever pathetic thing you call a god that it backfires and ruins your chances in politics. Its strange when the family who started the battle warns the people supposedly fighting on their side to backoff.

Oh and DeLay, I hope you get a chance to run for president. I would like to see your skeletons come out, front stage.

Thank you:
Jim Davis, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Robert Wexler, denounced the Schiavo bill as overstepping congressional authority.

“I thought under the Ten Commandments you couldn’t do anything on Sunday,” said Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass. “They’re flexible on their Bible.”

Hamden Baskin III, one of Michael Schiavo’s lawyers, condemned the proposed federal legislation as “blatantly unconstitutional” and predicted a federal judge would rule it so, and refuse to order the tube’s re-insertion.

Anyone who opposes this should be protesting now. This is a chrisis ready to explode. Our privacy has been stripped. These members holding meetings on Sunday want to become “gods”.

Elected officials that do not agree with these few lawmakers. Please get your fucking asses back to your jobs. We voted for you for a reason. Dont give up.

The U.S. Senate, meanwhile, won agreement on the legislation from Democrats, who didn’t even show up Sunday for the voice vote that took less than two minutes.

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  1. mayfly says:

    According to an editorial appearing in the New York City Metro this morning, Terry Schiavo’s husband is currently living with another woman with whom he has two children. Granted, he did begin fighting for her right to die, long ago, before he moved on with his life (which certainly is his right–after all, he’s not the one in a coma)… and legally, he is still her husband (probably only BECAUSE of this issue), but I do think these facts muck up the issue a little. I presume the Metro or the AP did their fact-checking…