Why cant Political quzzes be unbiased and specific in their questions?

It seems to me that making a political quiz that was unbiased, yet specific would be easy to do. I must be wrong because every quiz I have seen asks questions in a way to elicit a specific response by using vague and contradictory questions. Strangely enough, David posted a quiz on his webpage and everyone has been filling it out. Since David has not criticized the questions for being vague, I thought it was time for me to.

Most of the questions ask incorrectly “Do you believe”. Well I do believe most of these exist or the ideas exist. This is not what it is trying to ask. The author would like me to say I accept these ideas or understand these ideas to be better than ideas. Unfortunately, the misuse of believe is not the only problem with the questions. They are also extremely vague.
Do you believe in the idea of, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”? – The only semi valid use of believe.
Do you believe in totalitarianism? – Yes I believe totalitarianism is a political category.
Do you believe in collective or cooperative ownership of property? – Yes, I believe that collective and cooperative ownership of property has been attempting and in some cases succeeded.
Do you believe in a classless society? — No I do not believe there has been a classless society and I do not believe one could exist.
Do you believe the ideals of Benito Mussolini? — I believe Benito Mussolini had ideals.
Do you believe in a voluntary cooperation of free individuals? — Oh look at the rhetoric. This is something which is usually said before signing up for a communist or anarchist rally.
Do you believe in violently overthrowing capitalism? — see pacifist
Do you believe violence is an appropriate way to gain power? — see pacifist
Do you believe in the use of propaganda? – Yes I believe propaganda is used.
Are you an ecologist? – No I am not “a biologist who studies the relation between organisms and their environment”
Are you more conservative than most? — I have no freaking Idea but if the climate of the last election was any sign, no.
Are you more liberal than most? — hmm see above but reversed.
Should the people control the government? – You mean we dont?
Are you racist? — Hell Yes Im a fucking racist.
Is the Aryan race a master race? — Yes because Im a racist, though I dont think I am Aryan.
Do you oppose nuclear testing? — Um No.
True or False: I think gays should not be able to marry. — Ok
Do you like the thought of total freedom? — Love the thought of total freedom, think it is impossible but love the thought.
Do you dislike the idea of a “Big Brother” type figure? — Um yeah “Big Brother” was the villian in “1984”.
Are you pacifist? — I love the fact that not only was I asked if I was a pacifist, but also I was asked if I believed in the violent overthrow of capatilism and violence is the answer.
Do you support the war in Iraq? — No I dont Im a pacifist.
Do you support public education? — Yes I pay taxes.

The next two are decent questions.
Are you opposed to capitalism?
Do you support stricter gun control?
Though why not ask, do you oppose socialism? or do I think that the right to bear arms is all inclusive?



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Im sick again damnit.

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