Good Times

Since I am working at the Hilton and teaching at the community college along with trying to complete my Master’s room, I am usually too sleepy to do anything. I decided after much pushing and pulling from friends and family to spend time with them.

Last weekend, Phil and Melissa came over, and I cooked crawfish etoufe. It was a wonderful evening. We talked late into the night and I believe Phil did not want to leave. Melissa, unfortunately, was falling asleep from the large dinner.

This Friday night, Ronnie, David and I went to see Sin City. My expectations were low, so I was thoroughly suprised by the good acting, even though the dialogue was a little weak. I enjoyed spending time with both Ronnie and David.
Ronnie is trying to get back into school. I hope he does. Its been a long time and he needs to elevate himself.

On Saturday, Dad, mom, Amanda and I went to Richard’s for boiled crawfish. It was nice spending time with them. When I finally do move, it will be hard.

God this is starting to sound elementary. Dick likes Jane. Bob ran home.

It has been a long time since I have enjoyed the weekends. Hopefully, this wont be the last.


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  1. horselover_fat says:

    Hear hear. Good times. I find myself in pretty much the same boat; having gone for a long stretch of time without seeing anyone. Now that I have a little bit of free time (too much, in fact), I’m trying to cram whatever social interaction/get together I can whenever I get a chance. Hell, even the Philosophy club thing I went to with David was big fun. [quote:1361a9d6dc]When I finally do move, it will be hard.[/quote:1361a9d6dc] Any idea when this is going to happen? Or where to: Japan, Florida, Erath? Sigh. David’s going to NY. You’re leaving. (Not too soon I hope). And I’ll still be here in LA. Yipee. [quote:1361a9d6dc]Ronnie is [b:1361a9d6dc]trying[/b:1361a9d6dc] to get back into school. I hope he does. Its been a long time and he needs to elevate himself.[/quote:1361a9d6dc] Emphasis on trying. I will not say I’m in school until, well, I’m actually [b:1361a9d6dc]in [/b:1361a9d6dc]school. There’s still a matter of financing to work out. Still, I’m pretty sure it’ll happen. Also, did you realize that your website likes to post blog entries sometimes way after the entry was made? Or is that you making it do it, holding back on certain entries on purpose? I’ve noticed that a lot with David’s. You will be keeping the website up wherever you wind up, right? Ron.