Good Times

Since I am working at the Hilton and teaching at the community college along with trying to complete my Master’s room, I am usually too sleepy to do anything. I decided after much pushing and pulling from friends and family to spend time with them.

Last weekend, Phil and Melissa came over, and I cooked crawfish etoufe. It was a wonderful evening. We talked late into the night and I believe Phil did not want to leave. Melissa, unfortunately, was falling asleep from the large dinner.

This Friday night, Ronnie, David and I went to see Sin City. My expectations were low, so I was thoroughly suprised by the good acting, even though the dialogue was a little weak. I enjoyed spending time with both Ronnie and David.
Ronnie is trying to get back into school. I hope he does. Its been a long time and he needs to elevate himself.

On Saturday, Dad, mom, Amanda and I went to Richard’s for boiled crawfish. It was nice spending time with them. When I finally do move, it will be hard.

God this is starting to sound elementary. Dick likes Jane. Bob ran home.

It has been a long time since I have enjoyed the weekends. Hopefully, this wont be the last.


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