ULL and my separation from it.

As I am working at the Hilton tonight, ULL English department is hosting the British Writers Conference. Dr Christine Devine walked up didnt recognize or didnt want to recognize me. She asked for help, and I was able to help help. Yet, even after I was recognized by another whose name escapes me (please forgive me I am dumb when it comes to names), she still did not even hint that I was a familiar face. Then, Dr Jerry Mcguire walked through the lobby and I waved and said “Goodday Dr Mcquire.” Nothing, he quickly looked the other way and walked away.

I am the exiled, the refused, the unmentionable.

At this moment, I do not want anything to do with ULL. Hopefully, I will change my opinion by tomorrow, so I can finish.


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  1. horselover_fat says:

    You can look forward to becoming powerful and successful so that you too can disregard acquaintances when you run into them in thier menial day to day lives. Except me, of course. Ron.

  2. arglor says:

    you were the same person who said he never wanted them to know about your real job… Don’t take it to tough, he thought it was a student and McGuire’s a prick all around. It is not as though Dr. Rice walked through, or even Dr. McGonnager (? not sure the name is right but the other linguist, you know the part of English thats scientific ?) ignored you. These are people who haven’t really seen you in a while, and on top of which were never really involved. The last McGuire class you took was in undergraduate. Now if Dr. Skip Fox walks by, or even someone who you care about ignores you, then you can be hurt. As of right now, i doubt it is anything more then lack of face time with these people. Your reputation precedes you at U.L. If they heard Wilbur Bennett, i’m positive they would calculate the rest of the figure out ;). Not sure who Divine is, don’t remember you ever mentioning her.

  3. wduluoz says:

    During the second year or second semester (cant trully remember), I offered to come speak to the new graduate students about Linguistics. I thought that Dr Rice was going to speak and I would be there for support. Well it wasnt the case. I was unprepared and decided to wing it in the normal Wilbur style. I began by telling them about myself. I acknowledged I was a former undergraduate at ULL and had decided to go into Linguistics because I wanted to learn new ideas which I had not been presented with in my undergraduate. I remember saying something, such as “I didnt want to take the same classes again for my graduate work.” Well as you can probably guess, I offended faculty members of the other literature concentrations so much that Dr Divine stood up after my statement and wanted to “clarify” that the graduate program was in no way the same as the undergraduate. Again, I can understand why she didnt say anything. I guess I am just tired, and I still have too much shit to do. Wilbur

  4. mealymel says:

    when was this speech? Besides, there’s no excuse for the snubbing. Are you working Saturday? I have to moderate a panel for that stupid conference. And I have the flu. And I won’t snub you.

  5. wduluoz says:

    I will be working Saturday morning, 7-3. Wilbur

  6. mealymel says:

    I guess I’ll see you around then? I’m moderating at 10:15… If I see you, I will definitely say hello loudly and proudly.

  7. wduluoz says:

    Dr Christine Devine said “Hi, Wilbur” to me today. Strange, I still dont think she makes the connection. Now, I just the front desk clerk that was helpful. Wilbur