How do you react?

This news article stopped my reading of the daily news on Google and is making me think about what I believe.

I realize the mother has the right to sue the hospital, but should she? I remember when the law was being debated to stop doctors from killing a baby if it was born during the abortion process. I thought of the horrible life the child would have. It seems that this has happened.
The mother did not want the child. She did everything in her power to end the pregnancy, but because of a mistake (or two), she is now a mother. You can tell the child the truth because that would ruin any chance the child has for happiness. “I’m sorry but I didnt really want you and tried to have an abortion but the doctors fucked up and now Im stuck with you. Oh by the way you had a twin brother, but he was terminated.” This childs life will be amoung the worse. The mother did not want the child. I see situations where the mother yells at the child screaming “I didnt want you in the first place”. Maybe not, maybe everything will be hunky dory and everyone will live happily off the settlement that will come soon from the hospital.

I should stop reading the news. I depresses me.


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