Monkey wrench has been thrown

I just found out that I dont have a PAC number. I dont have a PAC number because I am not a graduate student. I am not a graduate student because I did not enroll this semester. I must re-enroll into the Graduate program and be accepted. I am a little upset right now, but its all directed at me. If I cant get back into school, then I do not know what I will do.
May the luck of Phil be with me.


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  1. mayfly says:

    why wouldn’t they? maybe you could talk to your advisor or the english department or the graduate school about dispensing with the paperwork, or at least shortening the process. i mean really, this is an unfortunate technical error, but it’s got to be just a formality. . . of course they’d let you back in. you’re (a) at least ten times more qualified to get in than you were originally, and (b) still (in common non-ULL-registrar-computer understanding) a student. you know? i’m sure it’ll be fine.

  2. wduluoz says:

    My only worry is the heads of the committees I have to convince Im a good student are the ones who think I am a slacker.

  3. arglor says:

    When it comes down to the whole situation, i think you can bypass the formality by explaining that you couldn’t afford to register last semester. Not to mention the semester you are registering for is your last semester, in which you will recieve your diploma. I honestly don’t think you should worry. Dr. Clai knows you and will speak on your behalf. It will be simply a formality. The university won’t turn down more money to turn a drop out into a graduate. (statistically speaking universities use the drop out -> graduate ratio in proving their worth… and so if you graduate then you will assist them in correcting the negative they currently have for you dropping out, unoficially of course.)

  4. mealymel says:

    I bestow upon you the luck of Phil. He’ll need it to, as I think he’s trying to re-enroll for the summer. This sucks. I mean, you passed your comps! That alone, regardless of this perception of you as a “slacker,” should get you back in. And like david said, you graduating should help with the numbers, which they like. Use the people who are familiar with your work– Healy, Honniker, and Rice– to vouch for you as much as possible.