NINE INCH NAILS and STAR WARS — what a kid to do?

Since we only have a week left to discuss our plans, I thought I would start the ball rolling. I assume from Ronnie and David’s insistence on going to see Star Wars tuesday that Ronnie is not off on Monday and David really wants to see Crash again. I really dont have the money to go see Crash. The other reason why I wanted to see Star Wars on Monday is that Amanda would be able to see it with us. But back to important things, that being Nine Inch Nails.

I am off on both Tuesday and Wednesday, so I am open to almost anything. We need to plan on being in Houston at least around 5 or 6PM. This would allow us to check in to the hotel, clean up, eat, and then go to the show. If we are to see Star Wars on Tuesday, then we will have to see it at least 6 hours before the show, which is at 8:00pm. As David and I will attest, it would be better to be there at least 30mins ahead of time, if we want to see the opening acts, or we could get there just in time and miss the first opening act, hehe. So we would have to leave at least around 4, and drive like bats out of hell.
Stars Wars will currently be showing at the Grand for these times on the 24th.
Tue 5/24/2005 10:00 AM
Tue 5/24/2005 10:30 AM
Tue 5/24/2005 11:00 AM
Tue 5/24/2005 11:30 AM
Tue 5/24/2005 12:00 PM
Since the movie is 2 hours long these are the only ones that would get us leaving Lafayette around 2 which would put us in Houston for 6, giving us 2 hours to check in to the hotel, get something to eat and then go to the show.
David leaves from Houston around 11am or 12noon to NY on the 25th. So we really wont have time to see SW on Wednesday.
But this all hinges on when we can leave. David, Ronnie and I have taken off for those days, I assume. Melissa are you off both days?

When do we want to leave for Houston?
We will either be taking my (no ac) car or David’s (dies in traffic) blazer or Amanda’s (not a lot of leg room, but has a/c and runs great) car, if she can make alternate plans for getting to work.

So post your ideas or questions.

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  1. mealymel says:

    I could not take off the whole day on Tuesday… I will leave work at 11. So whatever you crackmonkeys want to do is fine. Oh… I almost forgot… I got the car fixed this week (thanks to my benevolent parents) so I can drive. Don’t worry about a car… just let me know where to pick everyone up.

  2. mealymel says:

    I’m not sure my car offers anymore leg room than Amanda’s, though… just a warning. and I am off on Wednesday. Thankfully. Just not all day Tuesday.

  3. wduluoz says:

    We love parents. ok we sometimes love parents. Well then lets plan on meeting at the Hilton. Then, we can leave our cars there. They dont mind because they cant tell who’s car is who’s as long as its not parked in a fire lane. Also, it would be easy for Mel to find. I still want to go see Star Wars with Amanda Monday night, but if Ronnie and David want to see it Tuesday morning, I will see it again. Wilbur

  4. horselover_fat says:

    Star Wars isn’t high on my list of priorities. If we found ourselves in Houston with hours to kill, [i:090f2e0a7a]then[/i:090f2e0a7a] I may have been willing to see it, but I’m in no hurry. I’m sure I’ll see it eventually. Or not. My main priority is getting there with ample time to check in, maybe relax a little and get to the concert with plenty of time to spare. And I believe I have the whole of Tuesday and Wednesday off. Instead of parking my car at the Hilton, can someone just “swing by” my apartment and pick me up? I’m not that far away. And I’m not too worried about legroom. Something else to consider: since David is leaving from Houston, I assume he’ll have some extra luggage with him. And also, he won’t be coming back for his car if he leaves it at the Hilton. Just saying is all. “Always be closing”. Ron.

  5. wduluoz says:

    Im assuming you’re working Monday. Is this correct? Yeah I dont think David has thought out the whole leaving with luggage. If we all have an overnight bag plus David’s luggage, its probably going to be a tight trip. Wilbur

  6. mayfly says:

    (ahem) sir david won’t have too much luggage actually. just a backpack. i brought the rest (two big-ass suitcases) up with me when i left. he is shipping his computer and monitor and we are coming back sometime between june 16 and july 5 to pick up his desk, books, movies, boxes, etc. just so you know. he has indeed planned this all out.

  7. arglor says:

    you guys are going to be in houston one night and you need overnight bags? pathetic 😉 well i was planning on bringing three bags, and i had assumed i’d be the only person with luggage. Faulty assumption apparently. I wanted to brings as much as possible, which means i need to check two bags of clothing and bring my backpack. If this is too much i need to know and figure out how/what i’m going to do. I’m shipping my computer as soon as I get home. As for Star Wars, since HLF is ambivalent about the whole procedure, It is all up to Snaars. He might want to see SW instead of Crash, in which case i’d be more then willing to watch it monday. p.s. David has been deep in “tought” about the whole leaving with luggage. I’ve been concerned with my luggage problems since i started this whole plan. A lot has been alleviated, i just would have rather found out exactly who’s car we were taking before i began puishing luggage concerns. If it comes down to the it and there is not enough trunk space for my luggage, i can see if i can drop something, or just take my blazier. It has a lot of luggage room.

  8. wduluoz says:

    I love how you used quotations around thought as though you were using a differing definition than the common one. heheh Ok convince him already

  9. mealymel says:

    I will have a small bag. I’m not sure about the other two, but I’d argue they will have small bags as well. My trunk isn’t the largest trunk in the world, but I think we should be able to fit your “luggage” in there with our stuff, considering my trunk was made well before the recent trend of cars with a small compartment that passes for a trunk. Ron, tell me where you live… if it’s not far from the Hilton, or at least on my way at some point, I’d be glad to just pick you up.

  10. wduluoz says:

    [quote:6b4def9134]Ron, tell me where you live… if it’s not far from the Hilton, or at least on my way at some point, I’d be glad to just pick you up.[/quote:6b4def9134] Dont give in to his demands. He can walk or ride the bus, hehe. Some people with their pick me up routines. Its all a scam. About what I will be taking with me. I feel that I must at least take a change of clothes with appropriate items for hygene (sp?). Being that its a 4 hour trip back, I seriously dont want to offend anyone. I can probably put it all in my school backpack. Wilbur

  11. arglor says:

    Mary cannot speak for me. It is true she took most of my clothes up there. I am still debating about bringing my cpu with me on the plane and just shipping my monitor. There is not much they can do to ruin my cpu, unless they take it out and mess with it(i’ve done far worse to the case myself). I found out shipping both monitor and cpu would be far more expensive then i thought. Oh well still pondering that.

  12. mayfly says:

    *pointed silence*

  13. wduluoz says:

    Melissa do you have a cd player, mp3 player, tape deck? What type of music do we want to listen to? I only have one limitation and its one Ronnie and David know all too well. I refuse to listen to the group I am going to go see. So No NiN at least on the way to the concert. Afterwards, by all means. Wilbur

  14. horselover_fat says:

    But I was going to bring “Solid Gold Hell”. Other points: I will have a small bag. I don’t live too far from the Hilton. I may just take a bus, but I’m waiting to see what our actual itinerary will be. If Melissa at least has a tape deck in her car, I can bring an mp3 player and an adaptor. That way we can listen to 500 different mixes of the hand that feeds. Anyway, I’m pretty low maintenance. Whatever you guys wanna do, I’m along for the ride. Ron.

  15. mealymel says:

    I have a cd player and a tape deck… it is an acura, after all. i don’t have a mp3 player. bring whatever you wish. and I agree with the rule of not listening to the band’s music on the way.

  16. wduluoz says:

    Should we plan to meet up around noon at the hilton? This should give us more than enough time to get there, relax, get something to eat, and then “mosey” on over to the show, even if we get lost. I can pick HlF up, if he is too lazy to walk there. I mean jeez its only 1.5 miles at the most. Wilbur

  17. horselover_fat says:

    [quote:cd837fff24]I can pick HlF up, if he is too lazy to walk there. I mean jeez its only 1.5 miles at the most. [/quote:cd837fff24] You know me. I’ll probably be asleep, you might need to bang on the door. Ron.

  18. arglor says:

    i used the quote above and the mispelled word thought not to intone that i was using a different definition, but to quote your use of the word. If you use a word differently you offset it with one quote like ‘this’. using two quote like “this” usually means your quoting someone. Although this is something i picked up from Dr. Korcz, and therefore this might just be for philosophy. If you denote a special definition, then you demonstrate the usage of that word by single quotes.

  19. wduluoz says:

    no. The use of single and double quotes changes depending on which format you are talking about. Single quotes usually are only used for quotations within quotations. I found this though. Thought you would think it was funny. Single Quotation Marks. In American usage, all quoted material goes in “double quotation marks”; if you need a quotation inside a quotation, use ‘single quotation marks’ (also called “inverted commas”) inside: “This for quotations, ‘this’ for quotations inside quotations.” Quotations inside quotations are the only place for single quotation marks ? don’t use them to highlight individual words or to draw attention to figurative expressions, slang, or nonstandard usage. If it’s not a quotation, don’t use quotation marks. [Entry added 3 Jan. 2005.] In standard American writing, the only use for single quotation marks is to designate a quotation within a quotation. Students are exposed by Penguin Books and other publishers to the British practice of using single quotes for normal quotations and become confused. Some strange folkloric process has convinced many people that while entire sentences and long phrases are surrounded by conventional double quotation marks, single words and short phrases take single quotation marks. ?Wrong,? I insist. Use double quotation marks for all quotations. Use single quotation marks only when something is being quoted within your quoted passage (see “Single quotation marks”). Dont you love english rules. I couldnt find someone saying what Dr Korcz said, but he might be correct when submitting to a Philosophy journal. Its so much fun learning about all the little pet peeves people have about our language. Wilbur

  20. arglor says:

    Oh well i give up, i guess they wish to only use single quote within secondary quotes. I don’t feel like arguing about it. my only point in the above post wasn’t to tell you that you were wrong, but to explain that i wasn’t changing the definition of “thought” but simply quoting “thought” from the above post, and in this aspect i was accurate in my usage of the quotation tool.

  21. wduluoz says:

    Realize that I am not trying to say you are wrong in any way or that you are using the quotations wrong. I am merely now having fun finding all the contradictory “advice” about using “” and ” marks. hehe Quotation marks are sometimes used to indicate the title of a play, a book, the name of a ship, and so on, but italics (or underlining) are normally used for these, and both may be omitted. Quotation marks may also be used to indicate that the writer is using the word in an unusual, often ironic, way: He is one of these ‘modern’ young men ? appalling manners and terrifying appearance. In British English, single quotes are now more commonly used than double ones, and double quotes within single; in American English normal practice is the other way round. I got intrigued with the argument over on your site about travesty or tragedy, which I am still researching. When someone says, “You are using it incorrectly,” I now have a gut reaction to say, “who says and why?”. As I slowly fall into my demented argument that I have been ranting about lately that prescriptive grammar rules are arbitrary and unneeded, I will step back before I hurt anyone’s feelings.

  22. mayfly says:

    i like how each of the most recent posts on both of your blogs has deteriorated into linguistic discussion. because… what else is there to argue about, really, other than semantics? (and with that, i’m going to step back myself…) 8)

  23. wduluoz says:

    And our arguments about semantics are usually wrong-headed. Wilbur

  24. mealymel says:

    [quote:ecfbc5e690=”WDuluoz”]Should we plan to meet up around noon at the hilton? This should give us more than enough time to get there, relax, get something to eat, and then “mosey” on over to the show, even if we get lost. I can pick HlF up, if he is too lazy to walk there. I mean jeez its only 1.5 miles at the most. Wilbur[/quote:ecfbc5e690] Pick up HLF, and I’ll meet you at the Hilton at noon.