Star Wars, NiN, and Depressing Events

Star Wars:

Spoilers. Dont read if you dont want to know. If you havnt seen it yet, go somewhere else.

As I sat there waiting for Star Wars to begin, I laughed at the irony. I was 30 years old sitting in a movie theatre with my Mother. Oh how the circle turns. As the yellow text leaped onto the screen, she whispered in my ear, “Does this make you feel like a kid?” Yes Yes it does. And boy did they spoonfeed me.

Glad I could see how the twins got to their separate homes. I wouldnt have caught that from the previous trilogy. Glad you showed me the Death Star being built, though 20 years is a long fucking time to build a Death Star without anyone noticing. Didnt it only take them a few years to nearly build the second one? Maybe this was only a test run and shortly after it was built, it blew up. Maybe they had design problems and needed to fix them. Maybe that could explain why they still had a major flaw in the final version. I dont care any more.

Like David, I spent the first part of the movie bored. Oh they were fighting with sabers and such, but it was boring. No real concern for them. As I was bored, I started waiting for the change, the moment he would become evil, EVIL. Unfortunately this helped to make it not as great as I had hoped. It was better than I expected, but not as good as I had hoped.
I was disappointed with both Count Dooku and Mace Windu’s death. Both seemed insignificant, though they had become crucial characters (or at least as crucial as a SW character can get).
Only exciting thing was Anakin’s transformation and it really wasnt that exciting. The conversation with Palpatine was great. The rest of the dialogue was SW usual fair. But the worst thing about the movie was nothing was left to the imaginations. Yoda gets hurt, so thats why he moves like an old man. Yoda is going to train Obi-wan to talk to his former Master and learn how to be immortal (Blue glowy), not just a gift for putting up with all the shit the sith and regular people dealt out.
Every mystery built up by our pondering imaginations has been explained in explicit, excrutiating detail. Somehow this has tarnished the movies. I am almost to the point of denying the existence of the new trilogy. To Weatherly: You can only love the original trilogy if you watched it as a kid. You can only enjoy the new trilogy if you are a kid or love the old.

I only enjoyed SW III because I love the old.

I will purchase SW III and watch it one last time when I watch all of them in a row (and I may skip through parts).


Regardless of the delay because our waitress couldnt count out change, regardless of arriving as NiN was taking the stage because the directions were not the best, regardless of not being in our seats because others decided we were not coming, the concert was fucking awesome.
It was loud, it was hot, it was crammed just enough with people. Nothing like a full house to up the energy. Trent and gang were great. I lost my voice from screaming. I was soaked in sweat. I felt like I was 19 again. Our “seats” were on top of him. I could have spit and hit him. The music was loud and the bass vibrated my nether regions. I sung every song all the lyrics, except for the quiet ones. I shouted SUCK SUCK SUCK when prompted. It was great.
And again in the tradition of concerts, I missed the opening acts.

If my week would have ended Tuesday night, it would have been a great week.

Damn, I wish it had.

Tuesday morning was one of the worst mornings of my life, but it was worth it.

Wednesday morning, we drove David to the airport. He boarded a plane and flew to New York. He has moved to NY. I have spent nearly all of his 24 years within LOS. He even lived with Amanda and me for a year. He has now grown up, moved out, and is getting on with his life. I am happy for him. But I cried the same.

Good return trip with Melissa and Ron. Though I tried to hide it, I was sad the entire trip back. I laughed and joke with them, but I wished David was riding back. I will miss both, Ron and Melissa. Melissa when she moves away in August and Ron when Amanda and I leave.

Later that night Amanda’s car blew a tire. She was ok, but I had to go be the “savior”. Luckily we had to money to pay for the repairs.
Melissa, David and Ron will be happy that we didnt drive my vehicle up to Houston. Lately, I have been hearing a grating sound coming from the front end. Supposedly its the gear box and one of the front axil bars. Everything is shaking on the front end. I am surprised it hasnt fallen off. Its going to hurt when I get it fixed.

I am tired. I enjoyed the trip, but unfortunately for me it ended too early and with me at my house alone, crying. Ron asked if I wanted to go to see SW again. I couldnt bring myself to go. I was too weak. Luckily, Amanda needed my help, so I couldnt dwell on it.

Sometimes, I think I love people too much for my own good.

I heard on Talk of the Nation today that some doctors are starting to see because of evidence that Depression is a disease related to the deterioration of specific areas of the brain. Kind of like epilepsy. I wonder how much damage I am allowing to be inflicted on me, but sometimes I dont want to worry about it.


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