MT, WordPress, and PHPBB

OK, I have a little dilemma. I love the way I have MT(blog) and Phpbb(boards) set up…, but I dont like MT. MT is hard to work with and I dont know how many times I have messed something up and struggled to get it back up. Its slow with the rebuilding and hard to back up and restore. And I have had to struggle to get every upgrade or addon working. I have had to recode the the site when I wanted to update or just change the look of the site. When I asked for suggestions, David and Mary asked for a system to keep track of posts and comments. I searched around and couldnt find an easy solution and something dawned on me. If I continue this website, I will need to move to a new system.
Reasons why I will need to move:
1) MT came out with a new version about 6 months ago. They are no longer supporting this version, and mod creators are changing their mods over without back support.
2) Maintaining MT and making sure its secure will become harder over the next few months, years.
3) I despise MT, now(and all its little hidden codes).
4) I want a more integrated system.

Unfortunately, there is a slight problem, phpbb. WordPress and Phpbb do not like each other, refuse to negotiate a truce, and have started attacking each other. I am to the point of fogetting the whole integration of the two for the time being. (wordpress developers are getting a lot of requests to allow the integration into existing databases, so there is a good chance later it will work.)

WordPress is nice. I wont go on about how nice it is(oh looks like I did), but I could actually set it up so friends could post new messages creating a community blog. While David, Ronnie, whoever wants, can have a separate section or blog to post their ideas. David and I have been playing with another wonderful plugin a live chat system, which was so freakin easy to install. I can restrict posts to selected users by level per post and privatize a post all together, allow friends to register their names but also allow unregistered users to post, and integrate everything into one package or keep separate and make changes accordingly. New updates The big thing that will make me move over is the support and developers and the easy to interpret code, the system is new but already the plugin support is amazing.

For most of you (friends and collegues), this only means that small things and appearances of the websites will change. For David and Ronnie, a lot of things are going to change, but hopefully for the better. There should be no problem with transfering the old posts into the new system. I should also be able to bring over the comments into the new system, but it may take a little work, hehe. I will also try to import all the users from phpbb into the database, so that everyone will have their own logins.

If you have any concerns or any wishes, please feel free to post them. Ronnie and David, you will need to tell me whether you want a separate system or an integrated system. And we will need to work out the logistics. I will start setting up the system for the transfer.

(Phpbb will remain, though its significance will diminish until I reintegrate them, but then I may not need to.)


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