Goofing around, I found another weblog solution called WordPress.
I have installed it Here.

David and Ron, I have set up logins for you to test using the same password and login for Movable Type. Test it out. Tell me what you think. It has a lot of nice features to it:
User categories and restricted viewing requiring login.
I am seeing if I can integrate it into phpbb. Shouldnt be too hard?
If not and it looks fun I might switch over to it.

Tell me what you think.


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0 Responses to WordPress

  1. wduluoz says:

    the site(wordpress) loads dynamically. Wilbur PS hehe All your base are belong to us. PSS ahaha, half asleep I saw your response and edited my post. I didnt mentally catch the (All your base) I just thought of it as I was writing. hehe. So I must have been thinking about it because my mind read your quip even though it ignored it consiously. Back to playing with WordPress.

  2. horselover_fat says:

    [quote:a2ac214609]the site is loads dynamically. [/quote:a2ac214609] Fwhat? Ron. (All your base…) Edit: Oh, never mind, didn’t see the title; No rebuilding, the site loads dynamically.

  3. wduluoz says:

    I messed it up hehe. Oh well. Wilbur

  4. arglor says:

    i can’t login to wordpress.. i had a few minutes and thought about logging in… it didn’t work… used my password and login that i used for the original blog…

  5. wduluoz says:

    It should work now. Wilbur

  6. wduluoz says:

    something happened. I cant access it now. I’ll have to see about it later.

  7. arglor says:

    can’t get back to the chat screen… calling newegg.com