Doctors visit

So after three weeks of waiting. The doctor cancelled on me twice. I got to see him. and I have to say I love the man. He is the perfect doctor for wilbur.
I have never heard him mention the “s” word.
He is built the same as wilbur, so no talk of diets.
He is into cheap and alternative medicines.
He is pratical.

Good news, I dont have pneumonia(sp?). I have an infection of the bronchial(sp?) passages or something, but he said it didnt sound too bad. He gave me a prescription to a generic antibiotics and said if I still feel bad in a week give him a call. He thinks I may have allergies which are causing the sinus infections and then the other infections. He gave me some samples to try and see if that will keep me from getting the infections in the first place.

He suggested yoga for my back problems. He said,” I could give you stuff to knock you out where you wouldnt feel anything, but it wont stop the backpain. Strengthen your back muscles and learning relaxation techniques would do more good for you than anything I could prescribe.”
Amanda got all excited about the yoga.

In other news, some kids had fun with my $60 parish provided special would have to buy another one or not get garbage picked up trash can. Dad found it near a rice field about 1/2 a mile away. Must have been a strong wind to push it around that corner and down the road then leave it standing up.

I havent written on my thesis the last week. Being sick and the content of the previous post has left me not in the Linguistic mood. I talked with Clai today. Its going to be ok.


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