Seems like I used that title before. Ok here we go again. I actually told Amanda that when we moved we would not be moving to Florida or any of the Gulf Coast states. I am getting tired of evacuating.

This one is a little too close for comfort. We had been ordered to manually evacuate the lower parish, and since I live on a river, I decided to follow their instructions. My parents, Amanda, and I are currently living in the Hilton Hotel. Unfortunately its only 40 mins away from my home, so if the hurricane decides to hit us head on we will be in a tight spot. Due to Katrina, there are no hotel rooms in Louisiana, Mississppi, Arkansas and most of Texas. We could have gotten a room in Jackson, Tennessee or San Antonio, Texas, but we would have probably arrived at the hotel after the hurricane had hit land. Texas could have been worse. I hear it is taking people 12-16 hours to go 50-75 miles.

We are safe for now. I will be working throughout the weekend for anything the Hilton needs. (Bad thing about staying here is I cant call in sick or state the flood waters have blocked me in.)
I will keep everyone updated.


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