Seems like I used that title before. Ok here we go again. I actually told Amanda that when we moved we would not be moving to Florida or any of the Gulf Coast states. I am getting tired of evacuating.

This one is a little too close for comfort. We had been ordered to manually evacuate the lower parish, and since I live on a river, I decided to follow their instructions. My parents, Amanda, and I are currently living in the Hilton Hotel. Unfortunately its only 40 mins away from my home, so if the hurricane decides to hit us head on we will be in a tight spot. Due to Katrina, there are no hotel rooms in Louisiana, Mississppi, Arkansas and most of Texas. We could have gotten a room in Jackson, Tennessee or San Antonio, Texas, but we would have probably arrived at the hotel after the hurricane had hit land. Texas could have been worse. I hear it is taking people 12-16 hours to go 50-75 miles.

We are safe for now. I will be working throughout the weekend for anything the Hilton needs. (Bad thing about staying here is I cant call in sick or state the flood waters have blocked me in.)
I will keep everyone updated.


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  1. mealymel says:

    i thought about you. considering my roots, when I think of Lafayette, I think of higher ground. you might be stuck at the hilton, but at least you’ll be well away from water.

  2. hardincomp says:

    I’ve been watching the track projections change in Google Earth and I’m hoping your evacuation is for naught. Be safe, dood.

  3. wduluoz says:

    we are still doing ok. forecasters are predicting it to hit near cameron parish at the texas state line. its gusting wind outside and raining pretty hard. predicted storm surge of about 8-12 feet near our home. but we are ok wilbur

  4. hardincomp says:

    Good to hear. The 11 o’clock news in Boston specifically says Lafayette is in for a near direct visit from Rita. I hope you put another quarter in the meter.

  5. stryxdomina says:

    hey family. I would have prefered to hear that you guys were out of there but it looks like you are reasonably safe. please keep posting and let me (us) know.

  6. wduluoz says:

    winds are howling, but the electricity is on. strangely enough the electricity did not go out for any period of time that I am aware of. I tried to sleep last night and slept for about 2-3 hour stretchers. Each time I woke I noticed the power was still on. No idea how the houses are. Some of the roads are flooded but they flood any time the river rises. some “children”, apparently drunk and stupid, keep pulling the fire alarm, which sends about 20-30 people out into the storm. If we find out who is doing it, we should allow the guests to enact some revenge on them. we are still ok wilbur

  7. wduluoz says:

    wind is still howling. roof of the conference rooms is taking a lot of damage from the winds. everyone is ok wilbur

  8. wduluoz says:

    a friend of my father states that they are launching boats 1/2 a mile south of Abbeville, LA. Our house is about 5 miles south of Abbeville. I have heard reports that delcambre, avery island, parts of erath, and everything below lake charles is under water. steve and i will be going to take a look at it later and i will post how bad it looks. but we are ok wilbur

  9. wduluoz says:

    my dad and I couldnt go to see the house because the law enforcerment agencies were turning everyone around in abbeville, la. Here is the information we know right now(all of which is hearsay at the moment): Henry Elementary has 8 feet of water got to go update later

  10. mealymel says:

    [quote:c72a926f34=”WDuluoz”]my dad and I couldnt go to see the house because the law enforcerment agencies were turning everyone around in abbeville, la. Here is the information we know right now(all of which is hearsay at the moment): Henry Elementary has 8 feet of water got to go update later[/quote:c72a926f34] Oh Wilbur. Even with all that’s going on with my family and Cameron Parish, I’ve been thinking about your family as well. I hope that everything turns out well for you (although my optimisim is tapped out at this point). I’m keeping you all in my thoughts.

  11. arglor says:

    I don’t know what to say. According to you, the hearsay determines that the roof of your home is all that could be seen. According to Dad the whole situation is hopeless and you guys simply have to pick up and build again. According to Mom, well let us just say that its worse. I’m worried sick about you guys. I keep calling and talking to you guys, but the news just doesn’t seem to be getting better. Funny that new orleans is struck by an hurrican and the cellular structure for Lafayette L.A. goes to crap. Now that Lafayette was struck with a hurricane the cellular structure down there works like a f-ing top. I can talk to you guys any time i want, but there is no real information that you can pass of to me. If i had someone to pray to, i feel like this would be the time to enact such an activity. I can simply hope that whatever result comes from this situation, that you guys end up being just fine. I guess it is a good thing i haven’t shipped the p.c. to you yet eh? hmmm………. yeah… ok

  12. girlbean says:

    Oh. No. I was in DC all weekend (and NYC all day today) worried sick about home. And this is why. If I can do anything to help you guys out, please please please let me know.

  13. mayfly says:

    me too. as i’m sure d has told you, if any of y’all need a place to stay, there’s always a room for you here.