what can I say

Bancker - after rita

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  1. mealymel says:

    🙁 I’m glad you were finally able to get in, though.

  2. snaars says:

    The house I’m living in will be available for rent toward the end of October/early November. I don’t know what you can afford, and I don’t know what the rent will be. It’s a nice little 3-bedroom at the south end of Lafayette. It’s never been damaged by a hurricane. If you want, I can put you in touch with my Uncle, who owns the house now and will be renting it out.

  3. wduluoz says:

    hopefully i will have found a place by then, but it doesnt look good. anything you can do would be appreciated.

  4. hardincomp says:

    Holy crap, guy. No wonder you’ve halted development on WPHPBB for a while. I hope something presents itself soon.